Apple Wins First Round Of TV War With Google

"Apple and Google just kicked off the first round of their battle for the living room. Based on what we've seen so far, Apple is in the lead. It's still early, and this could change, but it looks like Apple is making an all-around smarter bet than Google. To recap what the two companies are doing:" | more

Adobe says it will stop creating iPhone apps

The project manager for Adobe Flash said his company is throwing in the towel on its Flash for iPhone efforts and concentrating its efforts on Android.

In a post on his blog, Mike Chambers said the company will still ship its iPhone packager with Creative Suite 5, which allows developers to build iPhone apps in Flash and convert them for the iPhone.

But he said that after Apple changed the language of its developer license agreement to prohibit the use of outside development tools, Adobe won't be investing anymore in that software.

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