The New Rodney Reynolds Website

It’s Rodney Reynolds from Welcome to my new page. This will be a blog of personal stuff, also technology related gear and so on. With the WordPress mobile app, it should make it much much easier for me to do blogs and updates and that type of thing. So expect more updates on the site now due to that fact. Site is empty now, but believe me, that won’t be the case for long. I’m gonna drop personal, tech, funny stuff and more here. And maybe some babe stuff to keep the guys happy.

Internet bandwidth cap is pure evil

So you're paying a fortune for your Internet access and it's fast, but it's capped. I'm with Rogers (Robbers) here in Canada and I'm paying for their fastest service, but it's capped at 175GB? Make sense? NO. Why would their fastest premium service have a low bandwidth cap of only 175GB. The same reason all over their services have a cap, to GOUGE their customers and make massive profits. Well, I'm dropping Roger and going to try TekSavvy. What's your feeling on this?

Need more Q&A videos?

While I produce many Q&A videos for my site, I do countless more for my site.

You can check out my YouTube channel and my site for more information. Here's the latest Q&A video:

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