Want Google TV?

We've been hearing about the rumored Google TV for more than two months now, and it appears that May could bring an official unveiling of sorts. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google plans to debut its Web-meets-television software to some 3,000 developers at the Google I/O conference, which runs May 19-20 in San Francisco.

Samsung 20nm Flash Memory Price War

Samsung has developed a 20nm process for manufacturing NAND flash memory chips--leapfrogging the 25nm process unveiled less than three months ago by IMFT, the joint venture between Intel and Micron. Intel and Micron may be forced to engage in a flash memory price war after all.The new Samsung flash process enables the South Korean chip manufacturer to develop 34 gigabit, or four gigabyte, MLC (multi-level cell) NAND flash memory chips. New SD cards built with the 20nm process are expected by the end of this year in capacities ranging from 4Gb to 64Gb.

Microsoft Betas PC Management Service

Microsoft is beta testing a PC management service aimed at supporting midsized businesses, the company announced Monday.The service, called Intune, will be available to 1,000 users in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

The service streamlines administrative functions by moving common administrative tasks to a hosted environment, eliminating the need to set up and manage in-house software for these tasks, said Microsoft group product marketing manager Sandrine Skinner.

MW2 Download Shatters Sales Records

Modern Warfare 2 StimulusThe modern military shooter that's sold an astonishing 14 million copies worldwide since November 2009 can check off another record-snapper: Fastest selling downloadable content pack. Released just nine days ago, the $15 Modern Warfare 2 map pack, dubbed "Stimulus Package" by Activision and time-exclusive to the Xbox 360, has been downloaded over 2.5 million times, 1 million of those in its first 24 hours of availability.

Google's 5 Funniest April Fools' Jokes

The Internet has made April Fools' infinitely more amusing -- and if there's one company that loves to get in on the hijinks, it's Google.

Google's April Fools' Day jokes have become the stuff of legend. Sometimes the gags are good enough to trick you; other times, they're just good for a chuckle.

Here are five of my personal favorites.

Nvidia Graphics Card Pushes the Edge

Nvidia on Friday introduced its fastest graphics cards to date, which will be able to play back 3D movies on PCs and bring more realistic images to games.

The new graphics cards, the GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470, are based on Nvidia's new graphics-processing-unit architecture called Fermi, which was announced in September. The GTX 480 has 480 processing cores on one GPU, while the GTX 470 has 448 cores.

Netflix Streaming Via Wii

It's no secret that Netflix has been gearing up to stream movies and TV shows via the Nintendo Wii console, but now it appears the launch is near. Netflix today announced that it has shipped instant-streaming discs to some of members for testing. "Their feedback will ensure that we deliver a great experience to everyone when we launch," writes company spokesperson Jessie Becker on The Netflix Blog.

Mozilla stops development of Firefox Mobile

Mozilla has decided to stop development of a version of its Firefox mobile Web browser for phones running Windows Mobile.

The reason is that Microsoft has closed the door to native applications on smartphones running its new Windows Phone 7 Series software, Stuart Parmenter, director of Mobile Engineering at Mozilla Corporation, wrote in a blog post on Monday.

PlayStation 3 to Smoke Xbox 360 and Wii

Begging trouble, Strategy Analytics forecasts Sony's PlayStation 3 will outsell both the Xbox 360 and Wii by the time things are winding down for all three. That's not all: In a report titled "Taming the Waves: Games Console Life Cycles and Platform Competition," the company offers specific figures, predicting everything from transitional timeframes to life unit sales.

3D Graphics Capability for Firefox

A group of researchers plans to release a version of the Firefox browser that includes the built-in ability to vi

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