Girls Around Me: One Woman's Defense of the 'Stalking' App

"Girls Around Me, the geo-location iPhone app, is under fire for undermining women’s privacy, but the controversy seems blown out of proportion. We're quick to ask what new way tech companies have devised to rob us of our privacy, but it's hard to see this app as a real threat to privacy or women. I consider it, instead, more of a wake-up call to those who publicly overshare.

Are Next-Gen Computers Just Big Smartphones?

"The beta versions of Mac OS X (code-named Mountain Lion) and Windows 8 are now being tested worldwide, and although they are quite different from one another, they share one characteristic: Both take designs and features built for smartphones and tablets and tack them onto desktops and laptops. Does that mean that Apple and Microsoft believe that your computer is really just a big smartphone? And what do these new upgrades mean for IT?" - Read More

MySpace Slashes Nearly Half of Staff

"MySpace is laying off 500 employees, or about 47 percent of its global staff, as part of a restructuring by the once-leading, now struggling social-networking site." | more

Fold Proteins, Help Cure Diseases in Foldit Video Game

Leave it to video gamers to find a better way to shepherd proteins into their optimal three-dimensional shapes.

Plying a freely available game and matched against automated computer routines designed to ascertain how amino acids twist into their ideal shapes, science journal Nature reports video gamers took top marks, folding proteins better than a computer.

Google Multiple Account Sign-In: Why It Matters

Google is rolling out a new feature which enables users to be logged in to multiple Google accounts simultaneously. The move will greatly simplify life for many users, and help pave the way for more businesses to adopt Google Apps.One of the most common obstacles to business adoption of Google Apps, or more specifically Gmail, are the hurdles and headaches associated with multiple accounts.

The Zerg Have Landed: StarCraft II is Here

Last night, as the clock ticked midnight, after over a decade nervously waiting, PC gamers began snapping up copies of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Blizzard's sci-fi real-time strategy sequel to 1998's StarCraft went on sale at special midnight openings across the country, and with sales expectations high: At least one analyst at Janco Partners, Mike Hickey, thinks the game could sell 7 million copies worldwide in 2010 and pull in revenue of $350 million, netting Blizzard $171 million in the bargain.

Google Improves Image Search, Finally

Google announced today it's rolling out a brand new Google Images site that will take much of the hassle out of searching for, browsing and filtering images. The company says it will also begin selling ads (with images, not just text) around the search results.

Portal 2 Delayed Until 2011

Teasing the press as much as telling, Valve says Portal 2 won't be ready until 2011, and that we can all thank our deities-of-choice, in so many words, for the delay.

"Making games is hard," said Valve in a press release that describes its upcoming geometry-bending first-person puzzler as a "public safety concern" that had to be pushed back to, you know, ensure the safety of civilization as we know it.

Nvidia CEO: Hardware Makers Uniting Behind Android

Hardware makers will unite behind Google's Android as the primary operating system for tablet computers, according to Nvidia's CEO.

Tablets are shaping up to be one of the highlights of the annual Computex show in Taipei, where hardware makers are showing off their latest products and prototypes. Most manufacturers are expected to show off tablets, with some designed to run Android and others Windows. But Windows isn't the best choice for a tablet, said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO at Nvidia.

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