Sony Hackers Take Canada

"Apparently it's still "cool" to hack anything to do with Sony.

On Tuesday, Sony Ericsson Canada's eShop, an online store for mobile phones and accessories, was breached, exposing the personal details of thousands of users. Sony Ericsson has disabled the website and claims it was not conncted to any Sony Ericsson servers.

Japan Reactor Problems Seen Affecting Chip Industry

"Three days after the devastating earthquake that struck Japan on March 11, concerns are now being raised about the effects of a potential reactor meltdown. Furthermore, one analyst study raised questions about the impact of the quake on a key component of the Apple iPad 2.

Nintendo 3DS Launching with 18 Games

"Nintendo on Tuesday revealed that its Nintendo 3DS gaming system will support 18 games when it launches March 27.Gamers who pick up a 3DS next month for $250 will have the option of purchasing three Nintendo-published games for $39.99 each, including "Pilotwings Resort," "Steel Diver," and "nintendogs + cats."

Intel to Device Makers: Light Peak is Ready... Sans Light

"Intel has confirmed rumors that it's temporarily switching to copper wires for use in the company's Light Peak connection technology. While that might upset those who were looking forward to the, well, "light" part of Light Peak—fiber-optic cabling—it will nevertheless allow Intel to get Light Peak out the gate faster than anticipated." | more

Hotmail Users Report Blank Inboxes

"The ring of the new year has come with an unpleasant surprise for some users of Microsoft's Hotmail service. According to multiple postings on Microsoft's official support forum for Windows Live, a number of users are reporting that their entire Hotmail accounts have been completely deleted without warning." | more

AMD Releases Three New CPUs

"AMD announced today three new processors to round out its Phenom II and Athlon II lines. All three CPUs are designed to work in AMD's standard AM3 and AM2+ sockets. The 3.3-GHz Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition, Dual-core Phenom II X2 565 Black Edition and Athlon II X3 455." | more

Spread Firefox Co-Founder Slams Tech Giants for Stealth Plug-Ins

"Asa Dotzler, co-founder of the Spread Firefox project, is more than a little miffed at Apple, Google, Microsoft, and RockMelt for installing plug-ins into Firefox without first asking for permission from Web surfers. Dotzler made the stealth plug-in discovery when he installed software like Apple iTunes, Google Chrome, and Windows Live Photo Gallery." | more

Boost your poor wireless connection

Sick of having a poor wireless connection, well this article might help you. They talk about 10 different ways of improving your wireless singal. And let's face it, most of us can do with an imporved wireless signal ;)

Intel Forms Open Data Alliance to Push Cloud Computing

"Intel has formed an alliance of Fortune 500 companies to set the standards for cloud interoperability. The Open Data Center Alliance is made up of 70 international companies with a combined annual IT spend of $50 billion, Intel said in a statement. It will be steered by 10 multi-nationals including BMW, China Life, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Lockheed Martin, and Shell. Other companies may join the group at the lowest "adopter" level." | more

Ford Releases SDK for Sync-Based Car Apps

"Ford on Friday announced plans for a software developer kit (SDK) and API based on its Sync in-car technology, which will enable developers to produce hands-free apps. The official API is scheduled to be released later this year." | more

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