Nvidia GF104 goes for 256 shaders

GF104 will be the first fresh graphics circuit of Nvidia's Fermi family. The GF100 GPU found in the GeForce GTX 400 series house 512 CUDA processors through 16 multiprocessor clusters. GeForce GTX 480 uses 15 of these for 480 CUDA processors and little brother GTX 470 settles for 13 clusters and 444 CUDA processors. Even if you shut down parts of the circuit the transistors are still there and result in high manufacturing costs, and makes the chip unnecessarily complicated. With GF104 wee how Nvidia makes changes on the transistor level with GeForce Fermi.

ASUS ROG Xpander enables 4-way SLI

ASUS ROG Xpander is simply a PCI-Express daughter card for the ASUS Rampage III Extreme. The circuit board comes with four PCI Express x16 slots and two Nvidia NF200 PCI-Express bridges. These circuits take the 32 available PCIe 2.0 lanes of the Intel X58 chipset and expand them to 64 lanes, divided across the four PCI Express x16 slots on the daughter board. In the end this enables you to connect four graphics cards with maximal PCIe x16 bandwidth.

Hitachi aiming for 10TB drives

The storage capacity of modern harddrives is starting to get pretty decent, but as we've learn through the years you can never have enough storage space and current 2TB harddrive will soon be replaced by even more spacious models.

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