Electronic Arts: Videogame Stores aren't Long for this World

"Just like video was supposed to have killed the radio star, EA Sports vice president Andrew Wilson is predicting the end of an era in how gamers shop for videogames. The future, he says, is in digital downloads, leaving brick-and-mortar storefronts like GameStop to either adapt and exist solely on the Web, or whither away and die."

Sapphire Shows off 3D Gaming With Eyefinity

Nvidia has been promising 3D surround gaming for as long as we can remember, but it looks as though Sapphire is going to beat them to market with a home grown ATI based solution. Using a combination of Eyefinity and 3D drivers from iZ3d, the company was able to showcase a working three monitor configuration running games such as Tom Clancy's Hawx, Left for Dead 2, Battle Forge, and even Dirt 2.

New Bing Maps Beta Could be the Google Maps Killer

Microsoft is giving Bing Maps a much needed refresh in an attempt to compete with Google’s dominant product. The new beta utilizes Microsoft’s own Silverlight multimedia plugin to provide smoother zooming and redraws. It also allows some very nice looking 3D building maps. It certainly does feel like a very polished experience, in contrast to Google’s more utilitarian aesthetic.

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