LED Lights as Wireless Internet

LEDs are already known for being a super energy efficient way to light up a room, but did you know that they might also be a way for you to connect to the internet? That’s right, a group of scientists from Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute have devised a way to encode a visible-frequency wireless signal in light from our plain old desklamps and other light fixtures. Just think – in the near future, jumping on the interwebs might be as simple as flipping on your lightswitch!

While the regular radio-frequency wi-fi most of us use currently is perfectly fine, it does have its flaws.

Microsoft sends flowers to IE 6 funeral

In Seattle, "IE6" was a trending topic on Twitter thanks to a CNN story on Aten Design Group's funeral for Internet Explorer 6. The tongue-in-cheek memorial is happening this evening in Denver.

Those mourning the antiquated Web browser, but unable to attend, were asked to send flowers. So, guess who sent flowers.


In the twitpic photo above, a funeral guest is showing off the card that arrived with Microsoft's bouquet. It's a little hard to read, so I asked Microsoft to confirm the text.

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