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Search Google In Realtime

Don't be like those other guys dusting off old web searches, get yours in realtime!

"Google: Realtime Search lets you see up-to-the-second social updates, news articles and blog posts about hot topics around the world.." | more

H.264 Is Now Royalty-Free Indefinitely

MPEG LA just gave Googles a swift kick in the balls today when they announced no royalties charge for AVC/H.264 encoded video.

Spank-o-licious: XFX Radeon HD 5970 4GB

Forged from the souls of a thousand virgin gamers, comes one of the most soul-violating graphics-accelerators of all time.... It's the XFX Radeon HD 5970 4GB!

Google: Call Phones From Gmail

The always innovative Google does it again with Gmail phone calls and check out those low rates! Call phones in the US and Canada for free!

"To make a call, just click the Call phone link in Gmail and enter any number or name from your address book.

ATI Catalyst™ version 10.8 Ready For Download

ATI Catalyst™ 10.8 driver download

New features found in this release of the ATI Radeon™ Display Driver.

* OpenGL ES 2.0 support
* Video Quality default options
* Performance enhancement for Eyefinity Quad ATI CrossFireX™ configurations
* Anti-Aliasing support for StarCraft II

The following application profiles are available with this release of Catalyst™ 10.8:

Cable TV Is On The Decline

Unfortunately for Cable TV when it comes to paying rent or watching TV it's a no brainer when so many people are out of work. Maybe in the Fall months their number will go back up when Football season starts again. As for me the prices of cable TV are too high, movie selections are limited and there are only 10 channels out of the hundreds that are even worth paying for.

Plane Crashed By Malware!

This is a serious concern that should be looked into for the future of flight safety. Sadly this brings to question why they would use an operating system that is capable of being manipulated by modern Trojans. The running joke on the internet seems to be that they must have been using MacAfee.

RIAA: Copyright Laws Are Not Working

The RIAA think we need changes to our laws for them to make a quick buck. And to be honest most of that money never makes it back to the America's creators anyway.

"RIAA President Cary Sherman said the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act contains loopholes that allow broadband providers and Web companies to turn a blind eye to customers' unlawful activities without suffering any legal consequences.." | More

Buying Pre-owned Games Is Cheating

If you buy used games you are cheating the publisher out of money says THQ. In the past people could share and sell this type of thing, but it seems like each day that moves on from here we are losing more and more rights. Not that I condone the Pirating of games, but if you can't afford retail and they don't want you to buy used or pre-owned, then I guess that leaves a lot of people with few options.

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