Jared Maynard


EVERYONE RUN!!! The mechanical bugs have invaded our desktops and will mate with your USB ports!.. AHHHHHHHH!

Sparkle Geforce GT 240 PCIe x1 Card

And for a minute there I was actually thinking if I could SLI two of these PCIe x1 cards together...

Obama Less Restrictive On Tech Exports

I'm not a big fan of politics, but allowing exports to move faster is a good thing and even better when it is tech related. Perhaps international 3GM giveaways will be more often in the future...

3 Million Copies of StarCraft 2 Sold

With 3 Million copies of Statcraft 2 sold in the first month, this must be an awesome game. And yet I find myself not caring to buy it after waiting years for it to be released. What are your thoughts on this matter?

Microsoft Patents OS Shutdown

I just want to know what could have happened if someone else was given the copyrights for Windows Shutdown? Would we be forced to hit the switch or go into standby mode? lol

HP & Hynix Developing Memristor Fab

Not that I agree with Moore's Law, but does 10X faster memory count?

"HP reckons memristor products could run 10 times faster than flash memory and draw 10 times less power. Williams says that they shouldn't have the limited write endurance of flash chips. They provide twice the capacity of flash for the same cost, but he didn't say whether this was a comparison with expensive single level cell flash or its cheaper multi-level cell variant. | more

Take your Virtual Girlfriend to a Resort

I thought it was bad enough when a Japanese man married his Virtual Girlfriend, but now they have a Resort. Something fishy going on here, maybe this is a side effect of radiation poisoning?

Trapped Miners Given Sony PSP Games

Food check, Helmets check, PSP's check! Yes, everything a trapped miner needs to survive.

Wikileaks Located In Nuclear Bunker

Has no one thought of burning backups to some DVD's and bury them in the backyard at Wikileaks?

Generalized Trolling Compulsion is a Mental Disorder

ROFL!, "Generalized Trolling Compulsion, Comments Derangement Syndrome, Fanboy Disorder, and Acute Screen/life Confusion..." These are just a few of possible Internet related Mental Disorders.

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