Jared Maynard

Self Powered Electronics

Your next copper top could be your kid texting their friends about what a great parent you are for not letting them go to that heavy metal band concert last night..

Top Web Scams Of The Decade

It is my great pleasure to write to you and present my news post today. I have a business proposal for your consideration and possible acceptance which you will find mutually beneficial to both parties. We need a trust-worthy partner to assist us in the transfer of C$11,5M dollars. You will be paid 20% of the total funds for assistance. Reply back to this news post with your bank account numbers if you are willing to work with us.

Nvidia Back In The Notebook Game

With the release of Fermi based mobile DirectX 11 GPUs. Nvidia hopes to regain some lost ground in notebooks before the end of this year with the release of Geforce 400M.

Pardon Me While I Burst Into Flames!

When they find you laying dead in the snow from having your crotch burst into flames. You can thank us later that it didn't happen after reading our news at 3GM.

"Toshiba recalled T130 Satellite laptops after some melted, burning two people. The problem is with the power adaptor which causes overheating in the satellite T135, Satellite T135D or Satellite ProT130. In a press release Tosh said that the defective harness may, in some circumstances, overheat to the point of melting the computer's base at the location where the AC adaptor plugs into the unit.." | more

Frenemy Relationship With Cell Phones

I feel the same way, Love-hate them. There are times when I want to toss my phone out the window and yet I still need it in those dark times, like when stranded on the side of the road after having been chained up and smelling like tacos or maybe it's just me?

Duke Nukem Forever To Ship in 2011

After 13 years of tantalizing production news and then declared dead.. I'll belive it when I see it. "What are you waiting for? Christmas?"-duke

Many Adult Webmasters Can't Pay The Rent

Many adult webmasters just found out that VISA is now blocking ePassporte. I guess the new slogan for Visa is ".. accepted almost any place."

Flash Videos on Android Not Very Good

Regardless of the poor flash video performance on Android, it's still better to have compatibility than nothing at all. So how about them Apples?

GlobalFoundries Unveiled World's First 28nm Arm Processor

40% increase in computer performance is a significant milestone indeed.. Does this follow Moore's Law if they are not Intel? lol. Bring on the power!

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