Jared Maynard

Google Instant

The always innovative Google is at it again and this time they do it instantly! Give it a try http://www.google.com

Microsoft Hates Fort Gay Gamers

1. You live in a town called Fort Gay along with 800 other people including a mayor.   2. You play Xbox Live and not a PC   3. The term gay was originally used to refer to feelings of being "carefree", "happy", or "bright and showy".   4.  Microsoft Representative... Enough said. lol

Regenerating Solar Cell

Why do I get the feeling they used the DNA of the energizer bunny?

USB 3.0 support in Intel Cougar Chipset

We can't actually have AMD being more innovative than Intel now can we? lol

Nvidia Price Wars!

Let me get this right... First it was a 20$ drop and then another 10$ drop, but overall the word is out that they might do 50%?!! I just might be getting some Nvidia card for Christmas. Let the Price Wars Begin!

Robot Snake Climbs a Tree

And I, for one, welcome our new Robot Tree Climbing Snake overlords.. OMG!

"Carnegie Mellon has taught its robotic snake to climb trees, though one hopes it won’t start offering your spouse apples. “Uncle Sam” (presumably named for its red, white, and blue markings) is a snake robot built from modular pieces." | more

Four Men Arrested for 1UP'ing Toys R Us Games

Is that a game in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Craigslist Shuts Down Booty Call Services

If you are over 50, have lots of money, like loose women with a side of std. Then I'm sorry but you are out of luck this time and you will need to search the dangerous dark alleys once more.

Teen Shoots Cellphones Into Jail

Turok wanted for questioning, but teen takes the rap for shooting cell phones into prison using bow and arrows.

"The young archer was supposedly hired and trained by a local gang who wanted to get cell phones to friends inside a prison in Southern Brazil. The teenager was caught after one of the arrows hit a police officer in the back..." | more

Green Fire + Texting = Bad News

Confucius say your smart phone is only as bright as the fool that uses it.

"The text message said: “Hey Dawg, do you have a $20 I can buy right now?” Sheriff Leo Dutton initially thought someone was playing a joke on him, but quickly realized it was a real request for a drug exchange..." | more

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