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GeForce/ION Driver Release 260.63

New in Release 260.63

New GPU Support

Adds support for the newly released GeForce GTS 450 GPU.


Intel Shows Off Ray Tracing In Wolfenstein

In this demo video Intel is actually running some Ray Tracing, Sweet!

ARCTIC MX-4 Thermal Paste

ARCTIC releases their next line of Thermal Pastes.

"The folks over at ARCTIC have just released their next thermal compound, the ARCTIC MX-4. The MX-2 and MX-3 were very impressive in terms of thermal conductivity, although some found the MX-3 a little hard to apply. The ARCTIC MX-4 looks to better the award-winning MX series' cooling performance, as well as improve the ease of application." | more

New Intel logo For 2nd Generation

Intel has a new logo for the second generation of Core processors. I don't know about you guys but I'm curious to see what this Sandy Bridge can do. Maybe the logo should have been Green Fire! lol

Boxee Box: Will Use Intel CE4100

Incase you have been living in a cave all year. There is a new generation of TV media devices getting ready to storm the markets. Boxee Box is taking this to the next level by swapping out the Nvidia Tegra 2 for the more powerful Intel CE4100. There are similar products on the market such as the Logitech Revue that will support Google TV.

Intel Thinks Outside The Chip

In a positive spin Intel is diversifying their business and thinking outside the chip... So far however I'm not impressed with the buyout of McAfee.

Kickass: YouTube Begins Trial of Live Streaming

Here is your chance to checkout the Live Streaming on YouTube!

"Check out all the live broadcasts via the interactive schedule below, and feel free to share this schedule across the web via the embed functionality. Bear with us as we test this new platform as there may be some bumps along the way.." | more

BAD IDEA: Microsoft Might Buy Symantec

Quickly! Someone call Gates and tell him to come back before they ruin Windows! In my last news about "Intel Attempts To Justify Ugly Marriage" they bought McAfee. Now it seems that Microsoft feels the need to waste good money. If there is any truth to this story lets hope it was a misunderstanding because I would never buy Windows that comes with Symantec.

71% Of Hardcore Gamers Interested in 3D Gaming

71% of hardcore gamers are interested in playing 3D games. I went over this debate once already with a family member and the cost killed the idea pretty quickly. Maybe we should make a poll out of this topic? What are your thoughts on this matter...

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