Jared Maynard

If You Build It, They Will Connect

Holy Moly! There are almost 5 Billion devices plugged into the Internet. How many of those devices do you think are serving us spam? Hmm.. lol

"Sometime this month, the 5 billionth device will plug into the Internet. And in 10 years, that number will grow by more than a factor of four, according to IMS Research, which tracks the installed base of equipment that can access the Internet... " | More

Scotty, I need more Mbps!

Shockingly there is yet another option that keeps your hardware connected. This has some interesting possibilities like for that HTPC you have always wanted to build but was unable with current day wireless limitations.

One more reason to dislike Facebook

This one speaks for itself..

"Computer security firm Sophos pointed out that there was no "Dislike" version of the "Like" icon and anyone installing an application pitched as a "Dislike" button that jokingly notifies contacts at the social networking service "now I can dislike all of your dumb posts" is malware..." | More


In what feels like a never ending animated battle of hackers against Firefox.

Blizzard: Baby, It's Cold Outside

Johnny Mercer sang it best, "I really can't stay ♫ But, baby, it's cold outside ♫"

Let this be a lesson to those shameless copyright infringers. When Blizzards lawyers fine you 88 Million after only making 3 Million, you only have yourself to blame for being kicked out in the cold.

Disney's next spy kids: zombie cookies

In what seems like a never ending battle of our privacy rights. Disney pulls a fast one on our kids cookies. Our forefathers must be rolling in the graves right about now...

Who is the Deadliest GTX 460?

No doubt Nvidia's answer to the AMD/ATI DX11 budget cards this year is the GTX 460 1GB. The 460 sports revolutionary levels of DirectX 11 tessellation performance, 256-bit memory, 3D Vision, PhysX, and CUDA technologies. The 460 surely packs one heck of a punch for the 200$ gamers card market. However the question must be asked, who really sells the fastest GTX 460?

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