Jared Maynard

PS3 To Get 3D Blu-ray Playback

On Sept. 21 the PlayStation 3 will be getting 3D Blu-ray playback. Now all you need is just a 3D enabled TV.

"Sony continued its 3D initiative by announcing that the next PlayStation 3 firmware update would add 3D Blu-ray movie playback capabilities to the platform. Currently, it is the only console to offer standard Blu-ray playback and/or 3D gaming." | more

EA Says: Ads In Games Work

Next time you have that deep down body thirst, check your games for ads. Maybe we need an applications like Adblock Plus for Games?

"The debate has been going on for some time as to how effective in-game advertising really is. Apparently, it is much more effective than one might think. In fact, Electronic Arts helped boost the sales of Gatorade though the use of EA’s in-game advertising and product placement." | more

Download Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Should anyone actually be interested in IE9, here is your chance to checkout the public beta.

Cell Phones Powered by Conversation?

Lets say you run out of battery power on your cell phone and you are stranded on a remote island surrounded by cannibal mimes. Do you: A. Build a charger out of pineapples and coconuts. or B. Talk to yourself until the cell phone generates enough power to dial out for help?

Gamers Have Good Brains

Gamer... Brainssssss.... nom nom nom...

"Scientist at the University of Rochester have worked out that first-person shooter players are better at making fast, accurate decisions based on evidence extracted from their surroundings. They have also discovered that when those who don't normally play action video games improved their inference skills after being forced to play just 50 hours." | more

Black Ops Dedicated Servers Cost Money

Paying for game servers is nothing new to most PC players, but Dedicated Black Ops servers will cost PC users some dough. But at least we have the options that we asked for and that's better than no options at all. Man I'm so ready to play this game!

Is Halo Reach Any Good?

It's day one and Halo Reach is out. What are your thoughts about this game? Some people felt it was way to short.

Bing Overtakes Yahoo Finally

As expected Bing has now surpassed Yahoo after the transition that started back in August.

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