10 tips for boosting network performance

"Tracking and cracking network performance problems is no easy task. More than a matter of identifying often mystifying bottlenecks, ensuring network efficiency requires an almost preternatural understanding of your organization's IT operations, as well as a thick skin for withstanding the heat when problems inevitably arise.

Are we ready for a true data disaster?

Imagine you're head of a company whose stock in trade is mining one of the world's most valuable resources. You've just struck a rich new cache. The potential for profit is huge. Then, all of a sudden, disaster strikes. Maybe your equipment failed. Maybe your technology had some unforeseen flaw. Maybe it was human error. Whatever the cause, in an instant that promising new profit center has become a liability, and what was once a valuable commodity has become a dangerous contaminant, gushing out of your control at an alarming rate.

New Medal of Honor to have separate single/multi-player devs

With the runaway success of Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise, it should come as no surprise to find that other top FPS developers want to create their own interpretations of current combat while hoping to make a dent in Infinity Ward's crown. EA is hoping to create the next great modern-day shooter as it brings the formerly past-focused Medal of Honor franchise to present-day Afghanistan.

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