Gigabyte P67A-UD7 Motherboard Review

"The Gigabyte P67A-UD7 is based on Intel’s P67 Express chipset and LGA1155 socket. It is therefore compatible with Intel’s Core i5 / i7 2xxx series parts. Like the P55 Express chipset before it functions such as the memory controller and PCIe controller have been moved into the CPU’s die. Thus simplifying the chipset design. Like Westmere based Core processors, these new Sandy Bridge based Core i5’s and i7’s have integrated video.

Aliens vs. Predator DirectX 11 Benchmark Now Available

The folks at AMD have let us know that Rebellion, SEGA and Twentieth Century FOX have just released the Aliens vs. Predator DirectX 11 Benchmark to the public. You can grab the 303MB benchmark here and read the complete Direct X 11 benchmark guide below:

Thermaltake Frio CPU Air Cooler Review

"Thermaltake's new Frio CPU heatsink uses a traditional heatpipe and fin design all built under an eye-catching facade. It comes complete with not one but two 120mm fans that will give you up to 2500 RPMs each and is rated for dissipating 220w of heat which makes it good cooling for any CPU you can put on a desktop motherboard." | More

Companies Sued For Heat Pipe Coolers

Do you have a heat pipe CPU cooler inside your system? American Technology, Inc. is suing some of the companies that have sold enthusiast heatsinks and cooling equipment to our community for years. Interestingly enough, American Technology, Inc. looks to only be targeting the "little guys" in its lawsuit.

Fake Intel CPUs at Newegg - Updates

UPDATE - 03/08/10

Statement from Newegg:

Parenting 101: It’s Hammer Time

Kids fighting over the family video game console? Won’t do chores or homework? Grounding the kids away from video games not working? Well, [H] forum member "TheBluePill" says it’s hammer time!


*editors note* While the Xbox 360 is used in this example, it is important to note that this tactic works on the Wii, PS3, cell phone or any other offending device.

Nvidia Abandons Market? (No truth to this!)

As many of our readers have been discussing Charlie's recent article. There is some serious scuttlebutt going around about NVIDIA's market intentions. Here is what Charlie Demerjian lead with yesterday.

NVIDIA IS KILLING the GTX260, GTX275, and GTX285 with the GTX295 almost assured to follow as it (Nvidia: NVDA) abandons the high and mid range graphics card market. Due to a massive series of engineering failures, nearly all of the company's product line is financially under water, and mismanagement seems to be killing the company.

NVIDIA Disables PhysX When ATI Card is Present

There is a rather lively discussion in our forums about NVIDIA’s recent decision to disable PhysX when an ATI card is present in your system. This all started with the release of NVIDIA’s 186+ drivers and, if you follow the link in the forums, you’ll see where the reasoning behind the decision is explained by NVIDIA’s customer care center.

Nvidia supports GPU accelerated Physx on NVIDIA GPUs while using NVIDIA GPUs for graphics. NVIDIA performs extensive Engineering, Development, and QA work that makes Physx a great experience for customers. For a variety of reasons - some development expense some quality assurance and some business reasons NVIDIA will not support GPU accelerated Physx with NVIDIA GPUs while GPU rendering is happening on non- NVIDIA GPUs.

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