Intel chips to reach 15GHz by 2010

At the Intel Developer Forum in Tokyo, Intel CTO Pat Gelsinger stated that by 2010 Intel CPUs will run at up to 15GHz. These processors will contain a billion transistors. Didn't Intel claim at the most recent Intel Developer Forum that they would put 10 billion transistors on a chip by 2010? At that time, PDAs may run at up to 5GHz. Intel now has stated that the upcoming Prescott processor will scale to 5GHz, and that the successor chip should scale to 6GHz. Presumably, both chips would be based on the modified Pentium 4 core introduced in 2000.

Facebook plans hiring spree

Defying the recession, Facebook plans to increase its workforce by up to 50% over the coming year. At a time when many technology companies are cutting back, Facebook is taking advantage of the abundance of highly-skilled professionals looking for work. The social networking company had planned to increase its size to 1,000 employees by the end of 2008, but scaled back its ambitions due to the economic crisis. Now Facebook has reached that target and plans to go on hiring throughout 2009.

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