AMD pushes FX-8150 to 8.429GHz

"The CPU was ticking at 8429.38MHz (271.92x31) at 2.016V and overclocking was done on Asus' Crosshair V Formula motherboard with 2GB of Corsair RAM. Of course, we are talking about high-level overclocking with liquid helium, which isn't quite your ordinary overclocking material. The record was scored back on August 31st but AMD managed to keep it a secret and "decided" to break the news today. Of course, the overclocking was done on an engineering sample and we are yet to see those CPUs in stores. October is the date we keep hearing, at least for now.

Nvidia believes 3D gaming makes a difference

"If you happen to live in a developed country and can afford a new 46+ inch TV, it’s highly likely that you will be going after LED TV with 3D capabilities, as prices of new TVs with LED panels went down dramatically over the past year or so. Many might be reluctant to buy a new TV due to a possible second economic downturn, but all the proud owners of 3D TVs now have the chance to plug a notebook or Geforce desktop in their 3D TV and use Nvidia's 3D vision. This is now possible via HDMI 1.4 connector and cable and the beauty is that you can use the glasses that you get with your TV.

Seagate introduces first 4TB drive

"Seagate launched the world’s first 4TB drive today, but you can’t just pop round the corner and get yourself one just yet. First of all the 4TB GoFlex is an external 3.5-inch drive, naked desktop variants will follow soon. Secondly, the drive is only available through www.seagate.com, but a few lucky retailers will have it in stock shortly. The price stands at $249, which sounds fair. On the tech side of things, the drive is pretty much your regular run of the mill 3.5-inch external drive.

External graphics still happening

"We got a feeling that we might see this external graphics materializing in 2012 and with 28nm Nvidia mobile chips, but this is not something we got confirmed or denied at this time. The bottom line is, external graphics with Nvidia chips inside are happening, something that might be the future for a number of Nvidia add-in-board partners who might end up selling external graphics, as the desktop graphics market dwindles. EVGA, Gainward, Asus, MSI, XFX, TGT and other usual suspects might resort to selling notebook external cards."

EA changes its service contract

"EA's new EULA, said that it knows users care how information about you is collected, used and shared. “EA would never sell your personally identifiable information to anyone, nor would it ever use spyware or install spyware on users’ machines. We and agents acting 37683v1 on our behalf do not share information that personally identifies you without your consent, except in rare instances where disclosure is required by law or to enforce EA’s legal rights,” the EULA says.

Intel comes up with facial recognition

"Intel has come up with software which it claims an instantly analyze a person's face to come up with their gender and age. Apparently Chipzilla is more interested in the technology because advertisers can use it for real-time demographic detection. The idea is that a billboard or kiosk can quickly analyze the facial features of the shopper then display specific ads directed to them..."

DRAM manufacturers in trouble

"The DRAM industry is in hot water after falling chip prices caused by oversupply are gutting the industry. Some of them have been forced to rethink their market outlook for the rest of 2011. According to Digitimes spot quotes for mainstream 2Gb DDR3 have dropped to below US$1 and eTT have fallen to $0.70. What is worse is that the ongoing downward trend is unlikely to reverse for a while."

Firefox 7 and 8 this year

"Official release day was August 16th and the way things are going the successor simply called Firefox 7 might launch as soon as September 27 2011. This is just some six weeks away and Mozilla blog has revealed that Firefox 7 uses less memory compared to Firefox 4, 5 or 6 and that on average it needs 20 to 30 percent less, and sometimes even 50 percent less. Naturally this means that Firefox 7 is faster and it should also be more stable. Firefox 8 also needs even less memory than Firefox 7, but the difference is not so dramatic.

Intel to cut some CPU prices

"The price cuts will happen in September and October and the full list includes a Core i7-2600S and a bunch of Core i5 that you can see in the table below. Unfortunately, the most noticable price cut is on the Core i7-2600S SKU and it's a mere US $12, from US $306 to US $294. The rest of the price cuts will follow up in October with Core i3-2120 getting a price cut from US $138 to US $117. The Pentium G630 and G850 will get a price cut from US $75 and US $86 to US $64 and US $75."

Experimenting with Nanotech can be dangerous

"Two scientists were injured outside Monterrey Technological Institute's campus in the State of Mexico on the outskirts of the capital. One of the boffins was involved in robotics research. Mexico State Attorney General Alfredo Castillo said at a news conference that the group's involvement was identified from a partially destroyed note found at the scene. The group opposes experiments with nanotechnology and has staged attacks on academics before. It has been linked to attacks in several different countries of Europe, including Spain and France."

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