YouTube may receive streaming online film rentals

Recently, Google has been in talks with Hollywood studios in California to leverage YouTube’s massive web-based video platform into a world of allowing fresh movie and film releases to be streamed over the internet. According to several sources, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Lions Group Entertainment are both considering the possibility of establishing a streaming online movie rental service through YouTube. While the discussions have been realized at a very preliminary level, the service would essentially counter the likes of Amazon’s Video On Demand rentals, Apple’s iTunes movie rental service, and even Sony’s PlayStation Network movie rentals. However, the streaming content nature that YouTube currently possesses would be held in place rather than full movie downloads on a time-trial basis.

Cooler Master hosts another contest

"That's Crazy" contest

In order to get its faithful customers some fun, Cooler Master has rolled out a new "That's Crazy" contest with some quite good prizes to be won.

You all remember Cooler Master starting a car with a 500W PSU or powering five systems with a 1000W PSU, and now in order to join this contest you must do something similar/crazy with Cooler Master products. The prizes include ATI's Radeon HD 4890 courtesy of AMD, Cooler Master's V10 cooler, Real Power M1000 PSU, t-shirts and HAF 932.

The contest has already kicked off and there are already some cool looking ideas posted on the contest web site. The contest will last until November 10th, so you have more than a month to come up with something cool.

You can find all the details here.

GPU memory error correction lagging

Customers are apparently shouting at graphics chip makers to do more about correcting memory systems.

One of the downsides of the current generation of GPUs is a lack of error correction which causes problems for high performance users. According to HPC Wire, Graphics chip vendors are aware of the problem and it appears to be only a matter of time before GPUs get a memory makeover.

Nigerian politician pledges to end scams

A top Nigerian official has decided to end the stain on his countries overseas reputation by breaking the scam gang's power for good.

Sunday Olu Agbi, who is a Nigerian high commissioner has teamed up with Aussie coppers to create an "online reporting system". Australians who believe they have been targeted by a scam can report it directly to Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

RV870 is 1.6 times faster than RV770

We've heard that ATI's soon to lunch DirectX 11 performance card, something that we know as RV870 and something that AMD calls Evergreen, should be roughly 1.6 times faster than the RV770 chip.

RV770 is the chip behind ATI's Radeon HD 4870 card and it showed quite good performance, so this 1.6 times performance increase can give you a general idea that the new chip should be quite fast.

Of course 1.6 times is the best case scenario and it should be less than that in some cases, but overall this 40nm chip should be a good step forward for ATI.

AMD 3GHz three core coming soon

AMD should be launching one more three core CPU based on Heka 45nm three core, which is nothing more than Deneb with one core disabled.

The currently available Phenom II X3 720 at its 2.8GHz is selling for about €90 in Europe or in the states $119.00 including free shipping and this baby will soon get its 3.0GHz sibling.

The new CPU will be under the Phenom II X3 740 brand and its specs include 3.0GHz speed and 7.5MB of total cache but we don’t know the launch price as of yet.

Core i7 has 8, Core i5 has four threads

Since Intel's Lynnfield can run up to eight cores in Hyperthreading, Intel has figured out how to distinguish Lynnfield Core i7 branded SKUs from Core i5.

The logic is very simple. Core i7 has four cores and eight threads enabled, while Core i5 has four cores and four threads enabled.

They both need discrete graphics as Intel 5 series chipset don’t have any IGP as IGP is now part of Clarkdale CPU. However some desktop Clarkdale IGP CPU with 32nm dual-core and four threads inside will end up with Core i5 brand, just to make things a bit more complicated.

Arrandale CPU+IGP graphics is GMA HD

Intel plans launch its new mobile dual-core that supports four threads, Turbo overclocking and has IGP graphics on the same socket in Q1 2010, probably in early January. Intel calls it Arrandale if you talk about notebooks, and it's Clarksdale in the desktop environment.

ATI's Cypress DX11 might be Radeon HD 5800

According to a rumor posted over at VR-Zone, AMD's upcoming DirectX 11 Cypress lineup might be named as the Radeon HD 5800 series. The exact differences between the so-called HD 5870 and HD 5850 are still unknown but we guess that these will probably have something to do with the cards clocks.

VR-Zone has also posted a full list of features, as well as the rumored ATI HD 5800 series logos. The card has been pictured by Chiphell, and as you know it has dual slot cooling, two DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI outputs.

PCI Express 3.0 delayed

PCI SIG has decided to delay the release of the PCI Express 3.0 specification until the second quarter of 2010. This means that any products that will ship with the new specification won't be released until 2011 According to PC Magazine. PCI Express 3.0 was supposed to be released this year, with products due about a year after the spec's release, or in 2010.

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