Geforce 195.39 beta released, supports OpenCL 1.0

Nvidia recently released its first desktop drivers to support the OpenCL standard, beginning with Geforce 195.39 beta. These drivers are dated October 27, 2009 and feature improved SLI and multi-GPU support for several recent popular titles and include over 200 various bug fixes.

In particular, the drivers add support for the OpenCL 1.0 specification on all Geforce 8-series or later GPUs supporting CUDA. The drivers also add support for CUDA Toolkit 3.0, which will be made available to developers sometime within the next few weeks.

AMD believes Nvidia is no longer focusing on gaming

In a chat with Hexus, AMD's Senior Manager of Developer Relations, Richard Huddy said that Nvidia is apparently abandoning the gaming market to some extent.

Huddy compared Nvidia's and AMD's strategy, saying: "it appears NVIDIA is in a kind of sneering mode towards game players at the moment," adding that it was possible to diversify without abandoning gaming. He went on to say that gamers are good people and "well rounded individuals." We're not sure whether he was referring to their physique or character.

Fermi GF100 to launch by early December

Fermi, Nvidia's GF100 40nm DirectX 11 chip is selling great even though Nvidia still has to officially launch it. Sources confirmed that Nvidia is taking pre-orders like there is no tomorrow, but at this time Nvidia offers no guarantees when the chip will hit the market. Everyone expects shortages due to heavy demand from day one.

The original schedule of late November might skip in the first week(s) of December, but from what we learned over the last few days, it was always late November to first days of December.

HD 5970 dual RV870 to come this month

AMD partners are working on a dual-core R800 card, codenamed Cypress and from what we learned, the card should launch in late November. Samples are in the works and cards are in development and the Radeon 5970 should be the brand for the top card, but since we are not aware of any boxes with this brand, this can easily change.

AMD dumps DirectX 9 card support under Windows 7

We were surprised to see that customer oriented AMD has decided to leave its all DirectX 9 supporters hanging. According to AMD's support site, its DirectX 9 cards won’t be officially supported under Windows 7.

Acer's new 24-inch screen boasts 8,000,000:1 contrast

LED backlighting squeezed in 14mm ultraslim

Oh joy of joys, Acer's PR people have launched an LCD screen with 8,000,000:1 contrast. We're really not sure how they got to 8 million, but nonetheless the Slim Line S243 is a very interesting screen.

It's based on a TN panel, but it features LED backlighting, allowing for a very thin, 14mm design and low power consumption. In fact, Acer is promising just over 17W of consumption, which is quite a bit lower than on similar size CCFL panels. Brightness is rated at 250cd/m2 and the 2ms response time should be fast enough for anyone.

HDDs will be less expensive

Boffins claim that there is life in the HDD technology yet with the costs falling and drive sizes increasing. A new study claims that by 2020, hard disk drives will likely be less expensive on a cost per terabyte basis than any of the competing technologies. The study gives the thumbs down to boffins who are developing nonvolatile memory (NVM) technologies, saying it is unlikely to replace HDDs within the next decade.

Dual-GPU Radeon HD 5950 and HD5970 coming in November

Multiple sources are suggesting that R800, the card codenamed Hemlock, is going to come out in late November.

Samples are already out in the wild and, as expected, the TDP is definitely exceeding 300W. Once it launches, this card will finally take over the performance crown from Nvidia's Geforce GTX 295, but there is a big chance that ATI's performance leadership might only last a few weeks, since Nvidia is still planning to launch its Fermi card in 2009.

HD5950 and HD5970 cards will certainly assure the top spot for ATI.

USB 3.0 adoption will be slow

A couple of days back we wrote about a new Gigabyte motherboard with SATA 6Gb/s and USB 3.0. You might look at it as a sign of things to come, as other vendors are quietly developing boards along similar lines.

However, don't hold your breath when it comes to USB 3.0 support, as Intel isn't exactly in a rush to put its weight behind the new standard. According to EE Times, Intel won't support USB 3.0 in its chipsets until some point in 2011, and vendors who opt to add it to their motherboards will have to turn to costly third party controllers.

First DirectX 11 benchmark shows up

While Futuremark is busy with its Shattered Horizon game, Unigine has come forward and released the first ever DirectX 11 benchmark, dubbed Heaven.

In addition to DirectX 11 support, the Unigine engine also supports DirectX 9, DirectX 10, OpenGL as well as ATI's Eyefinity multi-monitor feature. In order to fully utilize ATI's HD 5000 series, the new Unigine benchmark uses tessellation technology, advanced SSAO (screen-space ambient occlusion), dynamic sky with light scattering, volumetric clouds that are rendered by a physically accurate algorithm and interactive experience with fly/walk-through mode as well as the benchmark mode.

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