Portal 2 taking hits over paid DLC

"Despite the fact that Portal 2 is racking up some of the best reviews so far in 2011, it seems that the user community that has purchased the game so far isn’t exactly happy with one aspect of the release. The grumbling is coming from the pay downloadable content that Valve has released in conjunction with the game. Normally, players don’t have problems with at least some DLC being made available on day one, but Valve has stepped into a new realm with the developer releasing $80 worth of downloadable content with the game.

Microsoft has Windows running on Arm already

"Software giant and former president of the Intel fanclub Microsoft has said that it has run Windows OS on a 1GHz ARM chip. Earlier this year Redmond announced that they would be working hard to introduce support for the increasingly popular ARM architecture.. X86 does not work well on mobile gadgets because of its high power draws and inefficient cooling.

AMD cracks down on Global Foundries

"t seems that the close relationship between AMD and its off-shoot Global Foundries has changed with things getting down to something resembling a proper business agreement. It looks like Global Foundries had been given the lee-way of being paid by AMD even if the chips it made didn't work. Now the pair have changed the agreement covering chips made on 32 nanometer and included in the agreement was the somewhat reasonable demand that AMD only pay for chips that go."

Is tablet fad killing PC sales?

"Acer has warned that its PC sales in the first quarter are short of expectations. The FT claims that this is highlighting the continued shift of consumer preferences in Europe and US from notebooks towards tablet devices. But Acer never said that. It did say that PC revenues were 10 per cent less than in the fourth quarter of last year, during which Acer suffered an 11 per cent year-on-year fall in revenues. Jenny Lai, head of Taiwan research at HSBC said that it shows that tablets’ cannibalisation of the notebook and netbook markets is definitely happening.

Crytek Continues Updates

"PC version of Crysis 2 gets more fixes. Crytek continues to address a number of issues that have caused problems for players of the PC version of Crysis 2. While we continue to hear of issues with PC users that are having problems activating Crysis 2 on the PC, the latest update does not seem to fix this issue; however, the work around of re-entering your multiplayer key from within the game does seem to work for many. The latest patch addresses the USB headset issues with some brands.

PC supply has up to three months of inventory

"But prices may rise in short term.. Acer Taiwan President Scott Lin said that the PC supply chain still has two or three months worth of stock and that the earthquake in Japan will only have limited impact on the market. With OEMs, brands and retailers each having about one month's worth of inventory, the supply should be fine for up to three months. However as Lin pointed out, Japan’s power grid is an important factor and taking it online sooner rather than later will be crucial to whether the shortages become more serious."

Nvidia makes its 3D Vision cheaper

"Nvidia decided to drop the price of its 3D Vision kit bundle that now goes for US $149. The bundle includes the USB IR emitter, pair of wireless active shutter 3D glasses and the required 3D software. Two years have passed since Nvidia introduced its 3D Vision kit. The cool and interesting gadget was selling for US $199 back when it was announced. However, overall cost of the 3D Display coupled with less than desirable availability made it an enthusiast piece of gaming gear..."

Microsoft reportedly working on next console

"Microsoft has not said anything publicly yet about their real plan for a new next generation console beyond the Xbox 360, but recent job recruiting and postings seem to suggest that Microsoft is starting to get its ducks in a row (so to speak) to move forward with the development of the successor to the Xbox 360.

Bulldozer has chipset issues

"Bulldozer sample chips have been around for quite some time, but this time around AMD has decided not to show the new parts at Cebit 2011. Our sources pinned the blan on the chipset, which apparently has some teething issues, but they should be resolved in time for launch. The official story at AMD's booth was that this year the company wanted to focus on Fusion more than anything else."

HD 6990 to launch March 8

"AMD will launch its dual-GPU Antilles card on March 8, some six days before Nvidia’s GTX 590. The HD 6990 will replace the venerable HD 5970, which is still the fastest graphics card on the market, although it was introduced in November 2009. It will pack two Cayman XT cores clocked at 830MHz and 4GB of GDDR5 memory. Overclocked versions are also in the works."
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