Windows will run on ARM by Christmas

"Word on the street is that Windows based tablets which can use ARM processors will be in the shops by the end of 2011. According to Digitimes the lack of system performance will mean that the platform will be mainly used for targeting the tablet PC market. Quoting sources from notebook players, Digitimes said that there are several problems which need to be solved with the idea and most notebook makers are wary about it."

L.A. Noire causing some PS3s to overheat

"Rockstar is telling players of its PlayStation 3 release of L.A. Noire that the overheating issues some players are seeing is apparently caused by Sony’s latest 3.61 update. A number of users are reporting that the PS3 is freezing and overheating while playing L.A. Noire.

Rockstar claims that this is not an isolated incident and that other titles have been experiencing the same issue, but we have been unable to verify this claim. What we can tell you is that the “three beeps and the console shuts off” seems to happen only with the older 60GB and 80GB fat models."

SSDs last longer

"One of the criticisms of SSDs is that they are not as reliable in the long term, however that appears to be starting to change.

Intel have announced that it is increasing the warranty on its Intel SSD 320 from three to five years. This would be the first time a consumer SSD has been given a warranty length that matches that of a conventional hard drives. Before now, you could get a lengthy warranties for an SSD but only if you used an enterprise drive which would set you back an arm or a leg."

Google offers secure searching

"Search outfit Google is offering its punters a secure form of searching. The big idea is that the SSL enabled version of the search will prevent your boss or ISP from checking what you are doing.

Employers and ISPs watching peoples' search traffic will just see an encrypted page and be none the wiser. Unfortunately it will only cover the Google search, any connection made via Google to non-secured sites will be visible in the same way as before.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 leaks not all accurate

"With all of the leaks about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 that have been hitting the Internet over the weekend, Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward suggests that you wait for the official reveal in his Twitter feed.

According to his Twitter post, some of the leaked information is accurate and some is not. Recent publication of what was purported to be MW3’s full game plot made its way around; and even our own sources are claiming that it is not totally accurate from what they are hearing."

US judge rules IP addresses are not enough

"P2P legal trolls have heart attack. The booming industry of legal P2P trolls have just received a huge setback in the US. For a while legal outfits have been seeing an IP address on a torrent cloud and contacting the ISP where the address is hosted. They then get a court order demanding that details of the IP address be handed over to them so that the fileshare can be sued. They usually do not sue, but instead get an out of court settlement and split the cash with the movie studios. However that will be turned around after U.S.

EU to bring in great firewall

"There are fears that the EU is about to bring in a Chinese style censorship system. A great firewall of Europe will control citizens’ access to blogs, news websites and social networking services. The idea has come out of the Council of the European Union’s Law Enforcement Work Party (LEWP), a forum for cooperation on issues such as counter terrorism, customs and fraud. Its idea is to create a single secure European cyberspace."

Black market for IP4 addresses opens

"The free pool of unassigned IPv4 addresses ran out in February, and the Asia Pacific regional Internet registry announced last week that it has doled out all but its last 16.7 million IPv4 addresses which are being held in reserve. Von Loew thinks most of his initial customers will come from Asia where IPv4 is already exhausted. There are still a few free ones from RIPE so there is no need for Europeans to buy them. But he insists that he has been contacted by a number of potential buyers. He has established a minimum block of 256 IPv4 addresses -- known as a /24 -- for his trading site..."

Intel maintains x86 market domination

"According to the latest figures from Mercury Research, Intel has managed to maintain its position in the x86 processor market, with an impressive 81 percent share in Q1. AMD grabbed 18.2 percent and the results for both outfits remained flat compared to previous quarters. In Q4 2010 Intel had an 81 percent share and an 81.2 percent share in Q1 2010. AMD’s share also remained largely unchanged and VIA is still stuck with a sub-1 percent share."

New Nintendo console reportedly dubbed Stream

"In addition, the new console should be able to outpace the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Its tri-core IBM PowerPC processor should end up with a higher clock than the one used in the 360, so we can only guess that it will run at 3.2GHz or 3.4GHz. Coupled with AMD R700 graphics, probably in the HD 4770 class, the new console should pack quite a punch, especially in light of Sony’s and Microsoft’s apparent decision to postpone their consoles until 2014. At this point the really big question is when Nintendo actually plans to introduce the new console.
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