Duke Nukem Forever Delayed Again

"The game is delayed again. The publisher of the game issued an official statement pointing out that the new delay is the shortest in the history of the franchise. 2K president Christoph Hartmann said, "In case you haven't heard, Duke never comes early. We thank Duke's fans for their continued patience - I promise this won't take another 15 years." Gearbox also offered its own apology in the form of an official statement from Randy Pitchford that read, "I'm very sorry for the added delay.

Global Warming Researcher Fraud

Several months ago, DailyTech covered news of "climategate", a massive email leak from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit. In many of the leaked emails researchers discussed global warming research and made comments that sounded suspiciously close to academic misconduct.

Google Looks to Take Over Your TV

With set-top TV boxes connected to the internet, search engine providers like Google and Microsoft are looking to deploy targeted ads, much like targeted ads seen online when browsing. Back in 2007 Google signed a deal with DISH network to provide targeted ad services.

After a dispute about inventory, Google reportedly almost walked away from DISH, according to the Business Insider. Then Microsoft showed some interest.

Overnight Google began looking for ways to renew the contract and avoid getting outmaneuvered by its smaller rival.

HDD Makers Adopt Improved Storage Format

Last month 65.5 percent of computers worldwide used Windows XP, approximately 16.5 percent used Windows Vista, and 9 percent used Windows 7.  Looking ahead to 2011, Windows XP is likely to give up some market share, especially with a number of corporate networks upgrading to Windows 7.  Still, Windows XP is likely to defy logic and cling to substantial marketshare next year.

Decade of DNA Evidence May be Faulty

Findings could lead to appeals nationwide, if verified

"You've got the wrong man! I'm innocent!"

Many perfectly guilty criminals insist that, but what if it was true? That indeed could be true in some cases, as a new revelation casts doubt on certain verdicts in the U.S. Justice system delivered since the mid-1990s. It stems from an important finding made by a team co-led by Nickolas Papadopoulos, a Johns Hopkins University geneticist.

New USB Drive Features Infinite Storage

The USB port is one of the most ubiquitous computing interfaces ever designed. The port in its various sizes and guises is found on all manner of computers, game consoles, TVs, cable boxes, cameras, and more. The number of uses for USB is simply staggering.

A company called Infinitec has announced a new Infinite USB Memory Device or IUM. The company describes the IUM as the next generation of USB flash drives.

With Exploits on the Way, It's Critical Win 7 Testers Run Tool to Safeguard Their PCs

In software your security track record is ideally judged by the products you release, not the products you are developing. Nonetheless, Microsoft is drawing flack over an unpatched vulnerability in the beta and Release Candidate versions of Windows 7; Windows Vista; and Windows Server 2008. With attacks incoming, Microsoft and security experts are urging testers to run a workaround to disable to exploitable component in the meantime. The entire mess, though, goes to demonstrate both the dangers and benefits of thorough software testing.

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