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Intel Announces $5B USD 14nm Fab, 4,000 New Arizona Jobs

"Late last week Intel CEO Paul Otellini was named to President Barack Obama's jobs council.  This week he went to work announcing that he would be creating a bunch of jobs.

Researchers Study Sex and Pregnancy in Space, Say it Will be Hard

"Looking to penetrate deep into realms where scientists seldom explore, NASA biophysicist Tore Straume [profile] (Ames Research Center), radiation expert and particle physicist Steve Blattnig (Langley Research Center), and Cary Zeitlin [profile] (Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory), explored the lo

AMD to Intel: Your Chipset Woes are Helping Us

"In late January, Intel explained that it had uncovered a SATA problem with Cougar Point that could cause performance degradation over time. As a result, Intel stopped shipment of the affected chipsets, will take a charge of roughly $1B, and won't start shipping updated chipsets to its partners until later this month (volume shipments to customers will come later)."

Verizon Wireless to Throttle Data Usage for Downloaders in the "Top 5%"

"Verizon Wireless won't make any new friends with this latest move to swat down heavy downloaders

Scientists Find First Signs of Dark Matter at LHC

"Discovery of dark matter's behavior would solve many outstanding mysteries in physics...Dark matter makes up five times more of the universe's mass than visible matter (~25% vs ~5%), yet scientists have yet to directly observe this ultra-abundant substance. Scientists also have yet to observe dark energy, which may well beat out normal energy in universal abundance. This lack of direct observations means that scientists know precious little about two of the most important physical components of our universe."

Google Hiring Spree Will See Over 6,000 New Workers in 2011

"Mercury News reports that Google announced this week that it would hire at least 6,000 workers in 2011. If it hits that number, 2011 will be the second biggest year for new hires in the history of Google. The company also says that about 2,000 of those new hires will be in and around its Bay Area HQ in California."

One of these guy could be your new boss in 2011.

New Camera Mimics Human Eye

"The eyeball camera works by placing the simple lens and the photodetectors on a flexible substrate where a hydraulic system changes the shape of the substrates as necessary, which controls the zoom. Underneath the membranes of the simple lens and detector are chambers filled with water, and when water is taken from the detector's chamber, a normally flat detector surface turns into a concave hemisphere. Putting water into the lens' chamber turns the normally flat lens a convex hemisphere.

Robocalled at 4:30 in the Morning? There's an [Internet] App for That

"Aaron Titus, father of five, became more than a bit irritated when he was woken up at 4:30 by a robocall from the Prince George's County School District informing him that the start of school would be delayed by two hours. Titus was perturbed because 1) it was 4:30 in the morning, and 2) he already knew about the delay because he saw it on TV the night before, states the Washington Post. So Titus decided to take matters into his own hand by finding an online robocalling company to dish out a bit of payback.

Researchers Make Stretchable Electronics Breakthrough

"One day stretchable electronics will be a reality, and the systems appear to hold much promise. Stretchable electronics can be used in clothing that is able to monitor the heart rate of a runner to implantable medical devices that are flexible and move with the body once implanted. Researchers at North Carolina State University have successfully created the first coils of silicon nanowires on a substrate that can be stretched to be more than twice the original length of the wire.

Woman Arrested For Molesting 13-Year-Old Xbox Friend

"Every once and a while, a case pops up where a pervert used video games to lure in children to be molested. A while back some guy in Taiwan used a Wii for such ill purposes, and an American man used his role as an Xbox Call of Duty: World at War clan leader to try to lure children in. In other incidents, predators have been caught trolling the Xbox Live and Sony PlayStation Network looking for victims." | more

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