No reason to fear Friday the 13th

“Friggatriskaidekaphobia.” You almost certainly know what it is, even if you’ve never heard the tongue-tying, nine-syllable official term for it. It is the fear of Friday the 13ths, one of the most widespread and enduring superstitions in the world. And whether or not you think it’s silly, the phobia does actually affect us, dragging down economic productivity at least once each year.

Flying Car -- just like the Jetsons

Flying-car enthusiasts are justified in their pessimism: For the past hundred years or so, they've repeatedly been promised that a future with a personal aircraft in every garage is just around the corner, only to have their high-flying dreams cruelly smacked down with words like "safety" and "physics."But now, after so many years of empty promises and false hopes...here are some more: The Federal Aviation Administration has finally given approval to the Terrafugia's Transistion, a flying car – or "roadable aircraft" as the company likes to cal

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