Modern Warfare 3 announcement coming this week?

"The voice of Modern Warfare 2's Ghost has dropped strong hints that the series' next instalment will be announced this month - possibly within the week.

Medal Of Honor Review

"On Xbox Live and PSN, two Superpowers are fighting it out for supremacy in the online warfare theatre. But which one is winning the battle for new recruits - Battlefield or Call of Duty? Well, in truth, they're not even fighting the same war. Although superficially similar, both series are drastically different once you scratch beneath the surface, and so are the people who enjoy them. Call Of Duty is bold and brash, the shooter of choice for the archetypical frat boy.

PS3 Firmware 3.41 causing HDD problems

UPDATE: Sony has issued a response to the claims, and offered advice to those looking to upgrade their HDD after downloading the new Firmware.

The latest PlayStation 3 Firmware upgrade is reportedly causing issues for users attempting to upgrade their hard drive.

PS3 users have informed CVG that they are also having difficulty updating their system to Firmware 3.41, and even experiencing system crashes.

The few that have managed to install a new HDD are greeted with an error stating that 'no applicable data' can be found.

Activision 'demanding' Modern Warfare 3, claims lawsuit

Activision created a "police state" and conducted secret "interrogations" inside Modern Warfare studio Infinity Ward following the infamous West/Zampella incident, an employee lawsuit has claimed.

Nearly 40 current and past Infinity Ward employees filed the suit against Activision earlier this year - and after amending their legal documents they're now looking for $216 million in "punitive damages and unpaid bonuses," reports Kotaku.

Star Wars: Old Republic gameplay: Sith Warriors

Here's a new trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic featuring a fresh look at the Sith Warrior class in BioWare's epic MMO.

You'll also get a look at the planet Korriban, and some of the battle gameplay as the Sith Warriors clash with the Jedi.

We just hope there's more of the old Star Wars music in the game, and less of this new-age stuff.

You've got a while to wait before you get to 'choose your class' though - it won't be out before March 2011, and it's long development is part of what's making it the most expensive game EA's ever made.

World of Warcraft running on iPad

Look, MMO-types. Below is a picture of what World of Warcraft looks like running on one of those unfathomably popular giant iPod Touch thingies.

The pic was taken by games designer and 'the bloke who threw a girly tantrum on the Gamesmaster show', Dave Perry, who's working on Gaikai - a new cloud gaming service set to launch this year.

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