Dell Hops On Google Chrome OS Wagon

Looks like you can add Dell (NSDQ:Dell) to the list of PC makers that are talking with Google (NSDQ:GOOG) about bringing Chrome OS-powered PCs to market.

Amit Midha, Dell's president for Greater China and South Asia, told Reuters Monday that Dell wants to be a leader in the "unique innovations" that are coming to market in the next two to three years. Dell is working with Google to see where Chrome and Android fit with the "new form of computing," he said.

Microsoft Ending Itanium Development

Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) said it is ending its development support for the Intel (NSDQ:INTC) Itanium processor after Windows Server 2008 R2, a move which its partners said results from the low incidence of Windows users using the Itanium architecture.

The move follows a similar move by Red Hat in January to end development for the Itanium platform after the latest release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

IBM Simulates A Cat's Brain -- With 147,000 CPUs

Someone needs to alert Bill Joy -- IBM (NYSE:IBM) scientists, using an ultra-powerful supercomputer, have just replicated the cerebral cortex of your average house cat.

At the SC09 supercomputing conference in Portland, Ore., this week, Big Blue announced that it has made "significant progress" toward creating a computer that simulates a living organism's brain with abilities of sensation, perception, action, interaction and cognition. Best of all, perhaps, is that IBM said such a computer system could rival "the brain's low power and energy consumption and compact size."

Benchmarks Show Firefox 3.6 Fastest Version Yet

Although Mozilla's Firefox 3.6 is still in beta, the CRN Test Center reviewers wanted to take a look at it because we measure the progress of a browser in development by doing a series of benchmark tests against each alpha, beta and final versions to determine whether there are performance improvements with each release. For instance, when we tested Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1, we were pretty impressed with the benchmark results.

Nvidia Aims For A 3-D Cloud With RealityServer 3.0

Nvidia (NSDQ:NVDA)'s flirtation with streaming, real-time photo-realistic rendering may have entered the "officially dating" stage with Tuesday's launch of the graphics chip maker's RealityServer 3.0 for cloud-based visual computing applications.

Microsoft Weaves Windows 7 Into 'Family Guy'

With the Windows 7 launch looming, Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) is sponsoring Fox's upcoming "Family Guy" comedy special in an apparent bid to market Windows 7 to viewers in a way that's unconventional and creative.

The astonishingly irreverent Family Guy show often pokes fun at Microsoft, and Bill Gates and the Zune have been targets in the past. But while Family Guy's raucous content might seem a bit outside of Microsoft's typical marketing purview, Microsoft seems to think that the right kind of edgily-crafted Windows 7-related marketing content will resonate with the show's audience.

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