Linus Torvalds Says "F#$% You" to NVIDIA over Linux Support

"In a talk held at Aalto University in Helsinki Finland, Linus Torvalds addressed a question from one of the audience members regarding issues they had with a laptop running NVIDIA graphics and the lack of support for Linux. Linus' response can only be described as a very coarse and honest answer, skip to 48:14 to watch the question and his response. The complaints were regarding Optimus and Linux support and watch the video for more..."

Cooler Master V6 GT Cooler Revs Up for Us

"Cooler Master over the last few years has shown themselves to be a leading company in case design. We have tried out more than a few and have more to come in the near future. One of the things that we have not waded into yet is their cooling products. That is not to say that we have not been using them. In fact our stock heatsink and fan combo for all of our motherboard testing is the Hyper 212 with an extra fan. So when we were told about the new Cooler Master V6 GT we knew we had to try one out.

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