AMD Betting Everything on OpenCL

"Fusion is either going to carry AMD through to the victory parade, or drag it through the streets for a pelting in the village stocks. The whole future of AMD's CPU division rests on GPGPU computing being catapulted into the mainstream. If this happens, the company's APUs can theoretically obliterate Intel's CPUs in GPU-accelerated apps, and thump Core i7 like AMD64 thumped Pentium 4. If it doesn't, however, then AMD's CPU future is going to look pretty bleak.

Best Case Mods of the Year 2010

"It's been another epic year for modding on bit-tech. Our regular Mod of the Month articles have been jam-packed with dozens of fantastic projects, all of which showed huge potential. Some have been completed, others haven't, and we've also found other projects lurking in our forums which we've featured on bit-tech, and in Custom PC magazine too..." | more

New socket to replace LGA1366 due in 2011

Here’s a quick bit of overheard info for you – Intel’s replacement for its current high-end Core i7 CPU range will arrive in Q3 2011, so if you’re planning an LGA1366 upgrade now (perhaps with a Core-i7 930) then it’s still got plenty of life left in it.

AMD 880G Chipset Detailed

We've got our hands on the first AMD 880G motherboard and things are looking, well, a little old hat. On the new front though first there is the SB850 southbridge - the same used with the latest 890GX motherboards - bringing native SATA 6Gbps and finally RAID 5 to budget boards: all of which are a definite bonus. Most of the 880G boards we've seen details of so far have also had USB 3 too, which isn't unexpected either.

SilverStone Hybrid SSD-Hard Disk Device

SilverStone has just announced its HDDBoost, a device that teams an SSD with a hard disk. The aim is to offer the incredibly fast data access speeds typical of SSDs with the high capacity of a hard disk but to make it easy to use, so both appear as a single storage device in Windows. Essentially, the HDDBoost uses an SSD as an huge cache for your hard disk, theoretically delivering the best of both technologies with no compromise.

SODIMM system-on-a-chip launched

If you're always on the lookout for the smallest computing system possible - and the newly-unveiled Mobile-ITX form factor is still a little bulky for your tastes - check out Direct Insight's TRITON-TX51.

As revealed over on Linux for Devices - via SlashGear - the TRITON-TX51 is a an entire computer crammed into a PCB the size of a stick of laptop RAM - just 6.85cm x 2.54cm.

How Far We’ve Come

Not too long ago we published a feature called ‘Is PC Gaming Dying?’ which broached the continuing rumour that consoles are the future and tried to look at the issue as broadly as possible and from both sides. A lot of people who commented on it, we felt, had missed the point and ended up thinking that just because we had asked that question we must hold the opinion ourselves.

Nvidia working on CUDA-based anti-virus

Nvidia may have finally found the killer app that will bring the benefits of CUDA - its language for offloading highly parallel tasks on to the graphics processor - to the masses: CUDA-accelerated virus scanning.

As reported over on Fudzilla, the company's general manager of CUDA Sanford Russell has confirmed that his group is working on offloading the grunt work of scanning for viruses on to the GPU - potentially offering a massive speed-up over traditional CPU-based scanners.

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