Facebook hit by password stealing virus

Popular anti-virus company McAfee is reporting today that Facebook has become the target of a virus that aims to steal passwords and other sensitive information from the social network's 400 million users.

The virus comes via spam emails that state that users Facebook accounts have had their passwords reset. You are then urged to click on an attachment to "obtain new login credentials." Once opened, the attachment unleashes a group of trojans, including a password stealing software.

Sony investigating PS3 3.0 firmware issues

On it's U.S. PlayStation Blog, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) has confirmed that it is aware and is actively investigation isolated reports of PS3s behaving badly after the latest firmware, v3.0, has been installed. PS3 3.0 included a lot of aesthetic changes to the XMB as well as the addition of "What's New, Status Indicator, Friends List, PlayStation Store Shortcuts, Personalization and improved Trophies." However, since it was released, there has been numerous reports made on forums about the console acting badly after the latest firmware update has been installed.

HP, Dell back Microsoft in patent fight

Earlier this month, software giant Microsoft was shocked when they lost a patent dispute to i4i and were told that the word processing application Word would be blocked from sales starting in October.

Microsoft has appealed the decision and today has gotten some backup support from the large computer manufacturers (and big Microsoft customers) HP and Dell.

The companies asked the judge in the case to reconsider the injunction, or at least delay it by 120 days.

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