Thank you

I'd like to say thanks for being a loyal viewer. I started doing video reviews years ago, long before YouTube and been doing it ever since. Without viewers like you, I won't have a job. So I appreciate it greatly and wanted to say thanks. I have something new planned later this year or next. I'm not going to say what it is, but it should be more along the lines of entertainment, so watch for that. I hope you'll enjoy the ride with me and continue watching. Maybe I'll see you at a future get together.

3dGameMan $2.99 T-Shirt One Day Spring Special

Spring is here and with it comes the 3dGameMan $2.99 T-Shirt One Day Spring Special. So if you want a 3dGameMan t-shirt, now is the time to get one or both. Thanks for your support and enjoy the shirt. Also, remember to post a pic of yourself in the shirt.

Zuckerburg interviewing President Obama

Well, who would have thought! Zuckerburg interviewing President Obama. While Obama seems to be a nice person, I believe the US needs a stronger leader. Someone who can get the USA out of the many issues facing the country. Let's hope Trump runs for office ;)

New style of Video Review coming (Mini/Hands-On video)

There's a new style on video review coming soon. Think of it as a mini/hands-on raw version of my more detailed video reviews. I'll be doing this on some of the smaller items only. So I'll still be producing detailed video reviews on the standard products you are used to seeing reviewed.
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