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Lunar Eclipse, Blue Moon Mark New Year's Eve

Once in a blue moon, as the saying goes, there are two full moons in a single calendar month, which NASA says actually happens every 2.5 years. A blue moon on New Year's Eve is much rarer, last happening in 1990. Even rarer, though, is the lunar eclipse that will accompany the blue moon.

Not only is the decade going to end on a blue moon -- the second appearance of a full moon in a calendar month -- but also a partial eclipse of the moon, at least for sky watchers in Europe, Africa and Asia. A partial lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is partially darkened by the Earth's shadow.

McDonald's to Offer Free Wi-Fi, Starbucks Beware?

McDonald's will offer customers free Wi-Fi come January, according to reports. Coupling Wi-Fi with its new coffee offerings, will the Golden Arches steal some green from Starbucks? Verizon says it is also now offering free Wi-Fi to some subscribers.

Not even the Dollar Menu can top this deal. Beginning in January 2010, McDonald's will offer its in-store Wi-Fi service for free, according to reporting from Wi-Fi Net News.

Hey, kids! Sexting is a bad idea!

You know, back in my day, us kids were perfectly happy to just cop a few condoms from Dad’s drawer and get on with our business. We’ve heard plenty about kids running up ridiculous texting bills and sexting (sending erotic pictures, video, and even text via SMS and MMS) has made headlines in the last year or so. Now, though, a study by Pew Internet & American Life Project reveals that as many as 15% of teens have received or sent sexually explicit text messages.

Meat grown in laboratory in world first

Researchers in the Netherlands created what was described as soggy pork and are now investigating ways to improve the muscle tissue in the hope that people will one day want to eat it.

No one has yet tasted their produce, but it is believed the artificial meat could be on sale within five years.

Vegetarian groups welcomed the news, saying there was “no ethical objection” if meat was not a piece of a dead animal.

3dGameMan Forums Back Online

Forums are back online. Unfortunately the synced logins for the site and the forums are currently not working as this seemed to be causing broken sessions along with rouge SQL processes. We are working on a solution.

3dGameMan Forum Is Temporarily Down

The 3dGameMan forum is temporarily down but we are working on getting it back online ASAP. The database is so large we need to tweak it so it works properly. This could take some time, but we hope it will be back online next week. Until then please use Rodney's forum: http://www.rodneyrey...

Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 friend Facebook

Users of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 video game consoles can now brag about their achievements on Facebook as both systems integrate the social network this week.

Microsoft Corp. switched on a slew of new features for its Xbox Live online service, allowing owners of the Xbox 360 consoles to update Facebook and Twitter directly from their consoles.

The Xbox 360 can also stream music from the Internet radio service

Scared Of Planet Nibiru? NASA Would Like To Help

According to numerous sources on the Internet, in 2012 a planet called Nibiru will collide with Earth, resulting in the extinction of the human race. Or the Earth's magnetic poles will flip, causing the rotation of the planet to reverse, resulting in the extinction of the human race. Or the Earth will fall into something called a "dark rift" in the Milky Way — resulting in the extinction of the human race.

So, what's NASA doing about it?

One Month Anniversary! (

Well, today, is officially one month old and already there are almost 400 forum members. While I expected this site would go over well, I had reservations about even starting it. One of the reasons was that it might pull away hits and/or members from (my Tech site) which doesn't seem to be the case thus far. Also, for the fact that this site requires extra work and time is something I don't have a lot of these days. My main reason for stating his site was to answering people questions, question that I normally receive in my inbox.

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