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D-Link DGL-4500 Firmware 1.21 Build 03 Beta

The following beta firmware is provided on a trial basis only and without any kind of warranty. It is heavily advised not to use this beta firmware for any critical purpose. By downloading the beta firmware file, you expressly agree that the use of the firmware is at your own risk and discretion. It is not supported through the normal support channels. All questions, comments and issues should be directed to this board.

- This code can be used with all hardware revisions of the DGL-4500 - This code addresses the WAN slowdown and lockups

Microsoft: Sidekick data recovery takes time

Microsoft on Monday apologized for the length of time it is taking to restore missing data to T-Mobile Sidekicks. The company said it expects to begin restoring data this week, but added that bringing back all data will take longer than that.

In a note on its Web site, Microsoft said that the reason for the delay is that the company wants to make sure that it doesn't risk messing up data as it restores information to users' phones.

Mozilla Unblocks Microsoft's Firefox Plugin

Microsoft has updated the advisory for MS09-054, a cumulative security update for Internet Explorer, to describe its impact on Firefox users. The first version failed to mention any impact, leading to what may have been an overreaction on Mozilla's part.

An entry on Microsoft's Security Research & Defense blog goes into the matter further. The bottom line: Firefox users should apply MS09-054, even though it's labeled as an update for IE.

Microsoft Weaves Windows 7 Into 'Family Guy'

With the Windows 7 launch looming, Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) is sponsoring Fox's upcoming "Family Guy" comedy special in an apparent bid to market Windows 7 to viewers in a way that's unconventional and creative.

The astonishingly irreverent Family Guy show often pokes fun at Microsoft, and Bill Gates and the Zune have been targets in the past. But while Family Guy's raucous content might seem a bit outside of Microsoft's typical marketing purview, Microsoft seems to think that the right kind of edgily-crafted Windows 7-related marketing content will resonate with the show's audience.

A review of the Dell Mini 10v, Ubuntu Moblin Remix edition

When Asus launched the Eee PC in 2007, we recognized that netbooks had the potential to be a major game-changer for mobile computing. Two years and several iterations later, the evolving netbook form factor is better and more compelling than ever before. Hardware vendors have found ways to deliver longer battery life, bigger displays, and more usable keyboards without compromising the mobility advantages of the little laptops.

Enermax launches Tech Support Forum

City of Industry, CA - Oct 13, 2009. Enermax is proud to launch it's global technical support forum. By offering this worldwide communication tool, ENERMAX product manager & engineers continue publishing great tips & tricks for the PC & answer questions directly to users.

New Ad-Aware offers behavioral detection

Lavasoft has updated its popular malware and spyware detection and removal tool Ad-Aware. Rather than a dramatic redo, version 8.1 builds on the improvements made in the previous version. The new version is faster, has better removal abilities, and introduces a behavioral detection engine.

D-Link DGL-4500 Beta firmware 1.21 Beta (2nd phase) 1 week

Here's the run down.. If you can wait one more week we will conclude our results of the beta firmware that's been handed out to several customers for testing. So far it has been 4 weeks since the first customer to try it and seems 80% of users have reported positive feedback. By next week if that number holds up we will go into our 2nd stage and release the code as beta here in the forums for you to try and get your feedback.

New moblin 2.1 preview Image posted

Moblin v2.1 adds new features and developments and will be used as the base for future new user experience support for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), and embedded devices, such as media phones. The release target for Moblin v2.1 for netbooks and nettops is expected to release to the community in Q4 2009.

Study: Vista Startup Time is Faster Than Win 7

Even if Windows 7 isn't proven by benchmarks to be the fastest, bestest version of Microsoft's operating system yet, it certainly feels a lot better. We'd use it over Windows Vista any day of the week, but new findings show that it's not the performance king – at least not yet.

Sure, there have been many tweaks under the hood to make it better than Windows Vista, but it seems that boot time is actually longer in Windows 7 – at least according to a certain standard.

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