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24-Hour Sale at Newegg

Hope you folks like these deals I'm posting lately. Here's another one. Newegg is having a 24-hour sale that includes some very cool stuff; Samsung LN40C630 40” 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV, Sennheiser Adidas Sports Headphones With Remote, BFG Tech BFGR650WGSPSU 650W Power Supply, RAZER Mamba Black 7 Buttons USB Laser Gaming Mouse, Kingston HyperX 4GB (2 x 2GB) Desktop Memory, Creative sound card and more. Remember, this sale over over soon go check it out.

Future 3dGameMan YouTube videos will be unlisted

All future video reviews will be posted on the http://www.3dGameMan... site approximately 2 weeks before they are posted on the 3dGameMan YouTube channel. So if you want to check out new content head over to http://www.3dGameMan.... This way both sites can co-exist and hopefully everyone is happy.


At the moment most future 3dGameMan YouTube videos will be unlisted. If you wish to view 3dGameMan videos in the future, please visit the http://www.3dGameMan... website. This decide was not made lightly, but I'm going back to basics and if you want to view 3dGameMan content, you'll need to visit the website. Fans of 3dGameMan already do this, but my hope is YouTubers will as well.

Please be aware that I'll be posting YouTube bulletins when a new video/video review is posted. So you YouTuber's won't be left in the dark, so to speak. But you'll still need to visit the site to view the video/video review. So this will keep everyone in the loop. Also remember that everything gets posted on the 3dGameMan twitter, facebook and RSS feeds as well. Your comments are welcome.

3dGameMan Site Tutorial

I've been meaning to do this video tutorial of the site for a while. Note that the site will still be tweaked from time to time. So unless there are major changes this site tutorial should give you a better overview of the site. It should allow newbies to browser the site a little easier and make it a useful tool for finding reviews and other information.

Norton Antivirus 2011 for $14.99

Another crazy Newegg deal. I know many can't afford Antivirus software, but you need it and at this price grab it, use code "NORTON5X2". Oh, deal ends on 5/8/2011. BTW: Regular price on this is $59.To get this deal click here. Check out Symantic's site for more info.

Newegg Deals

For a limited time only! $10 off orders of $50 or more for new Newegg customers with promo code "NEWGEEK10" at, expires 4/29: click here There are also a few other excellent deals as well. Maybe something will interest you, like for example a Crucial RealSSD 2.5" 256GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD).

Other KICKASS deals and promotions:

AMD releases Catalyst 11.4 driver

Grab the new AMD Catalyst 11.4 driver to keep your AMD VIdeo Card happy ;) Many people will be excited that there's performance enhancements for COD: Black Ops game as well as other games. All kinds of improvements as well.

New Features:

Enhancements to the AMD VISION Engine Control Center / AMD Catalyst Control Center

Windows 7: 350 million licenses sold in 18 months

"Eighteen months after Windows 7 was released, Microsoft is boasting that it has sold 350 million licenses of its flagship operating system. The platform's sales have barely slowed since the company last bragged about numbers; after 12 months, 240 million licenses had been shipped. All a far cry from Windows Vista's market take-up. Though Windows Vista sold well—around 330 million Internet users two years after launch—its reception was lukewarm, and though users actually quite liked it, it failed to achieve acceptance in the essential corporate market."

Download Firefox 5 (Aurora) and Firefox 6 (Nightly Build with Windows 64-bit)

"Mozilla Firefox will be entering a rapid development cycle with quick release of successive builds, with both early builds of both Firefox 5 and Firefox 6 versions been released for consumption, which very much mirror the practice took by Google Chrome development, which may see its early access release channels of beta, dev or canary has upgrade as soon as every day or two."


"Today we posted our first Release 270 WHQL-certified driver for GeForce GPUs, including an equivalent Verde driver for notebook PCs. Version 270.61 is available for download on

Microsoft's raw deal for Vista users: IE10 for Windows 7 only

"One of the minor "features" Microsoft included in the Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview released earlier this week was reduced operating system support; it will only install on Windows 7, leaving Windows XP and Windows Vista users out in the cold.

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