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AMD Catalyst 11.5 Released (and Hotfiix 11.5a)

In this update AMD has resolved a number of compatibility issues and performance in some games is faster. Note that there is an update to this update though, Catalyst 11.5a hotfix: grab it here

AMD Catalyst™ Driver 11.5a Hotfix Feature:

Free McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011

Anyone looking for an antivirus program, might want to check this out. You can't go wrong with FREE!. Free McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011 for 1 User (after $40 MIR) at, but it expires on 5/20

PCMark 7 Released

HELSINKI, FINLAND - MAY 12, 2011 - PCMark® 7, a new Futuremark benchmark that offers complete PC performance testing for Windows 7, was released today and is now available to download and purchase from PCMark 7 is available in 3 editions: the free Basic Edition that offers unlimited runs of the PCMark test suite without registration or expiry, the Advanced Edition which includes all 7 benchmark tests and the Professional Edition which unlocks all features and is licensed for commercial use.

Use Chrome? Play Super Mario Bros!

Do you use the Google Chrome web browser? Well now you can install Super Mario Bros. directly into Chrome along with a number of other games!

UPDATED: $20/Month Google Chrome Notebooks on the Horizon

"Reports now say Google is preparing to announce a game-changing price point tomorrow regarding its Chrome notebooks. According to Forbes, Google will announce a $20-a-month package for students that includes both the hardware and internet access, in what "is almost certainly a precursor to an enterprise offering."

"Small and medium-sized businesses are banging on our doors to get something like this," the unnamed Google executive and source of the story said.

Microsoft Antitrust Oversight Ends

"The US Department of Justice remedies supervision in the Microsoft antitrust case ends Thursday, closing the landmark case, which began in 1998. But the questions posed by trial federal Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's attempted remedy remain: Did tech innovation suffer over the last 10 years because Microsoft wasn't broken up?

Google launches Music Beta!

Google today launched it's long anticipated cloud-based music hosting service called Music Beta for it's accounts and devices. This service is basically the next step in integrating all of the Google services with their Android and Web based devices. Seamless streaming from the web browser, to your recently updated Android 3.1 powered tablet, to your Android powered smart phone. I tell you what, I cant wait to get my invitation!

Internet bandwidth cap is pure evil

So you're paying a fortune for your Internet access and it's fast, but it's capped. I'm with Rogers (Robbers) here in Canada and I'm paying for their fastest service, but it's capped at 175GB? Make sense? NO. Why would their fastest premium service have a low bandwidth cap of only 175GB. The same reason all over their services have a cap, to GOUGE their customers and make massive profits. Well, I'm dropping Roger and going to try TekSavvy. What's your feeling on this?

Microsoft is Buying Skype for $8 Billion

"Microsoft is close to finalizing a deal to buy Skype for between $7 billion to $8 billion. The Wall Street Journal confirmed the news after we had first reported it yesterday. The announcement is likely to come out later today or tomorrow morning, according to several reports. Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer of Microsoft is said to be a big champion of the deal, the largest in the history of the company."

Future video reviews will be posted on first

All future video reviews will be posted on the http://www.3dGameMan... site approximately 2 weeks before they are posted on the 3dGameMan YouTube channel. So if you want to check out new content head over to http://www.3dGameMan.... This way both sites can co-exist and hopefully everyone is happy.

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