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What we'd do (in a perfect world) to fix Steam's problems

Over the holidays, Steam gave gamers quite the present: an ongoing series of sales with big-name games running as low as $2.50. It was hard to resist many of the deals, and many of us snapped up a large variety of games across a series of platforms. Bioshock for $5? Killing Floor for $5? Burnout Paradise for under $10? Who could say no?

COD:MW2 has another claim to fame

The most pirated game of 2009. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has certainly won its share of awards and accolades since release. However, one distinction that isn’t going to make Activision or developer Infinity Ward happy is the news that it was the most pirated game of 2009, and it only took two months to achieve this distinction.

According to reports from various BitTorrent information sources, COD:MW2 has racked up over 4.1+ million illegal downloads for the PC version. The problem continues because of its popularity, and there are just too many seeders to stamp it out.

YouTube may soon host interactive games

Google is trying to patent "a method of providing an interactive game based on a digital video" using services like YouTube or Google Video. A patent application filed in February and released to the public this week reveals Google's attempt to build games on top of digital videos using an interactive annotation system.

'Dragon Age' DLC arrives next week

Developers BioWare will release the first piece of downloadable content for its role-playing game Dragon Age: Origins next week, the studio and publisher Electronic Arts have revealed.

Return to Ostagar will bring players to "the site of the Grey Wardens' darkest hour, to reclaim the honor and learn the secrets of Ferelden's fallen king," says a statement from EA and BioWare.

The DLC arrives January 5 on PC and Xbox 360 for 400 Microsoft Points ($5). The content will be released on PlayStation 3 later that month.

Steam slashes up to 80% for upcoming holidays

We must admit that buying games has never been more attractive in the spirit of this year's holiday season, Steam is slashing anywhere from 25% to as much as 80% off its current offer.

Valve's offer is down by about 25%, and the pricing on Valve Complete Pack bundle is down to €52,49. A month back this money could buy you only Left for Dead and Left for Dead 2, whereas now you can treat yourself to the entire arsenal of Valve's games at the same price. You can check it out here.

Running World of Warcraft in Ubuntu Linux

If you are looking for an operating system that offers the best values, none can compare to Linux.

Don't Steal This: Xbox 360 Thief Tracked by Gamertag

If you steal an Xbox 360, don't forget to disable the auto sign-in feature before going online. That's the lesson high-tech crooks are probably gleaning from today's New York Post brief about a thief, 22-year-old Jeremy Gilliam, apprehended after logging into Xbox LIVE with his victim's online game id.

Mom calls cops for help with son's gaming addiction

A 14-year-old boy's mother had enough with her son's gaming over the weekend. After turning off the console hoping he would stop gaming, she called police to ask for their help in solving her son's "addiction."

According to the story first reported in the Boston Herald, Angela Mejia had enough with her son's gaming when she found him playing Grand Theft Auto at 2:30 a.m. She told him to go to sleep, but he refused.

"Sometimes I want to run away, too," Mejia told the Boston Herald. "I have support from my church, but I'm alone. I want to help my son, but I can't find a way."

Ghost Recon Mystery Deepens Again

Ghost Recon 4 is one of those games that exists (it was officially unveiled back in April), but details are few and far between. All we we know is that it'll be available some time next year.

Shattered Horizon: Clan Pack Released

You may have seen on Steam that we have released a "Clan Pack" bundle containing four copies of Shattered Horizon for $59.99 / €59.99.

With this offer you get four games for the price of three, or to put it another way, for the same price as a single copy of Modern Warfare 2, four friends can get Shattered Horizon, which we think is a pretty sweet deal for the holidays.

Shattered Horizon Clan Pack: http://store.steampo...

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