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ATI Catalyst™ version 10.1

ATI Catalyst 10.1 is out!

Resolved Issues for the Windows 7 Operating System:

* [ATI Catalyst™ Control Center] Enabling LCD Overdrive will no longer cause
mouse cursor to magnify when moved overtop of the "Calibration Preview"
* DisplayPort™ "Lower Setting Applied" and "Link Failure" messages will no longer
appear after driver installation and reboot with DP displays connected to the mini DP
* Firefox now works properly and video no longer drop frames when playing Youtube
clips with Adobe Flash Player 10
* CrossFire™ logo now a

Ubisoft Unveils New PC DRM

Update: Ubisoft has sent over an FAQ with more details (below) including a promise that should the service be stopped, games would be patched to remain playable.

Original: Developer and publisher Ubisoft's new PC DRM solution will feature no CD checks or installation limits and pack support for 'cloud' online saved game storage but will require players be online to authenticate before playing, GameSpy reveals.

Players will be required to login to their account to authenticate each and every time they wish to play--and there will be no support at all for offline play.

BioWare Launches Mass Effect 2

Welcome back Commander Shepard. Prepare to fight for the lost! BioWare(TM), a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS), announced today that Mass Effect(TM) 2, the sequel to the award-winning science-fiction phenomena Mass Effect, has begun shipping to retailers worldwide.

Nvidia’s 196.21 driver bug prevents overclocking

Nvidia’s latest Geforce drivers, now in version 196.21, might bring SLI and multi-GPU support to certain games but it seems to have brought another, somewhat unexpected gift from the company – disabled overclocking.

So, overclocking software such as RivaTuner V2.24C, EVGA Precision V1.9.0 and similar all had trouble in handling core, shader or memory clocks during overclocking.

Nvidia says that this is a bug that will be resolved in a timely fashion, but until then we’d advise overclockers to steer clear of the “new and improved” driver.

Brain Scans Reveal Video Gamers' Secrets

How adeptly you play a video game may indicate how big some parts of your brain are, the authors of a new study report.

Researchers found that certain regions of the brain are larger in young people who do a better job of playing a specially designed video game.

In other words, all those people who devote their days to their Wiis and XBoxes may be packing some cerebral heat, at least when it comes to the sheer size of what's inside their skulls.

The findings "can help us understand how individual differences contribute to cognitive differences and how we can enhance brain function by

Staying safe: protect yourself when selling a game console

With the current generation of consoles, online play has become ubiquitous, leaving us with systems that are constantly connected to the Internet. This has led to many great things, like the advent of downloadable games, online multiplayer, and quick and easy game updates. But it's not without its drawbacks.

With the seemingly non-stop barrage of new hardware iterations, it's likely that at some point you'll decide to upgrade. But where does that leave your current console? There's all sorts of personal data tucked away that needs to be removed before it can be safely sold.

Crysis 2 Details Emerge: Aliens Invade New York

It's been a long wait for Crysis 2 details, but they're finally starting to trickle in. "Aliens invading NYC?

PC Perspective - NVIDIA GF100 - Far Cry 2 Performance

Looking for some quick performance previews of the GF100 architecture compared to GT200? Check out these two videos I recorded at the NVIDIA editor's day earlier in the month. One looks at Far Cry 2 and the other at NVIDIA's ray tracing engine.

Arrandale-based Core i5 runs Modern Warfare 2

One of the surprises of Intel's Core i5, Arrandale-based HD graphics solution is the fact that it can play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and still achieve the 30 FPS performance mark.

However, we should point out that the resolution was not that great as the game was running at 640x480, but it still appeared to run smoothly with good quality. Naturally, most of the eye candy was disabled but it was still impressive to see one of the latest games running on Intel’s new 32nm dual-core with 45nm graphics sitting on the same socket.

Star Trek Online enters open beta

The open beta of Star Trek Online begins today and runs through January 26th, a week before the February 2nd launch date.

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