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HP to buy 3Com for $2.7 billion

Hewlett-Packard Co. announced Wednesday it will purchase networking company 3Com for $2.7 billion, and also preannounced higher fiscal fourth-quarter earnings and raised its outlook for fiscal 2010.

The deal is worth $7.90 per share of 3Com, which is 39% higher than the stock's closing price of $5.69 on Wednesday. Shares of 3Com (COMS) soared 35% after hours on the announcement.

HIS working on new Radeon HD 5750

HIS has revealed its new custom designed Radeon HD 5750 card that will feature stock clocks and Arctic Cooling's L2 Pro dual slot cooler previously seen on some HD 4850 cards like the recently tested Mushkin, or Sapphire's HD 4670.

The new HIS HD 5750 iCooler IV features a non-reference blue PCB, 720 stream processors and stock core and memory clocks of 700 for the GPU and 4600MHz for 1GB of GDDR5 memory.

Nvidia CEO says 'no' to Intel-compatible chip

Despite persistent rumors, Nvidia's chief executive says the graphics chip supplier is not working on an Intel-compatible chip. n an exclusive interview with CNET Thursday, I asked CEO Jen-Hsun Huang about the possibility of Nvidia coming up with its own x86 (Intel-compatible) chip technology, after the company reported strong third-quarter earnings. A recurring rumor has it that Nvidia is developing a chip that would be able to run the same software that runs on all Intel- and AMD-based PCs worldwide.

The Cloud: a short introduction

Few terms have been as simultaneously hyped and reviled as "cloud computing," but there's definitely more to the phenomenon than just a buzzword and some vague talk of "efficiencies" and "agility." We've put together this short, simple introduction to cloud computing that you can send to your CIO the next time you catch him abusing "the cloud" at a meeting. There's a kind of supply-and-demand dynamic that applies to technical terms—when a few knowledgeable insiders are hoarding a word, it maintains its meaning, but when the masses get hold of it and abuse it, it's quickly emptied of value.

Windows 7 For Less: Where to Find Discounts

If you're still thinking about stepping to Windows 7, but are appalled by the usual pricing, you might want to check windows 7 upgradeout some special deals now available from Microsoft and some of its retail partners. Each of these offers comes with some catches, though.

I first spotted a mention of Windows 7 discounts in Kim Komando's CyberSpeak column in USA Today. ZDNet's Ed Bott dives down into a lot of details.

Futuremark developing 3DMark DirectX 11 version

Over the past twelve and a half years, Futuremark Corporation has undoubtedly proven itself a premium provider of benchmarking solutions for high-performance and extreme performance systems, not only targeting the demands of enthusiast communities like XtremeSystems, but also serving the demands of system builders, OEMs, professionals, and the republic of gamers worldwide.

D-Link complaints and/or refund requests

Because of the issues with the D-Link DGL-4500 Wireless Router, D-Link is receiving a lot of heat lately. People are experiencing continue router lockups, lost signals and more. The new 1.21 Beta (3rd phase) firmware solves some of the issues, but not all. Many just want to RMA the DGL-4500 and buy something else. This is from a D-Link Technical Engineer who writes, "Any complaints and or refund request should all go through Customer Service not Tech Support. 800-326-1688 ext 6314." That's a US telephone number though.

A Warning to Users Returning their DLink Products

Here is a post from ISPGeeks that all customers of DLink should be carefull of.

Is Nvidia devising x86 processor?

The rumors have once again surfaced that Nvidia Corp. may enter the x86-based microprocessor market.

For some time, there have been reports that Nvidia would enter the x86-based fray to protect its bread-and-butter graphics chip business. Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Intel Corp. are separately developing processors with graphics capabilities.

New York antitrust suit accuses Intel of bribery

New York Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo filed a federal antitrust lawsuit Wednesday against Intel that accuses it of paying computer makers rebates to illegally maintain its monopoly power, the newest among several such attacks that have dogged the chipmaker in recent years.

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