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GPU memory error correction lagging

Customers are apparently shouting at graphics chip makers to do more about correcting memory systems.

One of the downsides of the current generation of GPUs is a lack of error correction which causes problems for high performance users. According to HPC Wire, Graphics chip vendors are aware of the problem and it appears to be only a matter of time before GPUs get a memory makeover.

D-Link trying to resolve DGL-4500 issues

DGL-4500 Tester from San Diego to Los Angeles. We're looking for anyone that is experiencing the 3-4 day lock up, WAN slow down and poor wireless connections on their DGL-4500.

What we want to do is send out an Engineer to your location for about half a day to run some tests in your environment. We will also give you an extra router to comp you.

Remember we're only looking for users located within San Diego to Los Angeles.

Once we find what we need this thread will be closed and removed!

Thank You,

Ru-Fi-Oh, Technical Engineer

Asus P7P55D Premium; first motherboard support SATA-III on the way!

September 8 will be launched next-generation Core i7 processors with Core i5 and, carrying P55 chipset, the new motherboards will have been officially offered for sale.

Intel to Stop Shipping LGA1366 and LGA771 CPUs with an LGA Cover

All the currently available processors from Intel feature a black LGA Cover for protection, but Intel has decided to remove it soon in order to reduce the impact to the environment.

According to the information sources, Intel will stop shipping the LGA1366 and LGA771 processors with an LGA Cover starting from September 28th. However, the customers are expected to get parts with covers until the stocks are depleted.

How to Build a Wireless Network Using a Broadband Router

More and more people are willing to assemble their own wireless network. With a wireless network set at your home or office, you will be able to share files, use the printer and access the Internet without the need of connecting a network cable to your computers.

8 GB of RAM will speed up your PC?

Memory manufacturer Corsair researched what are the advantages of having more than 4GB of RAM. In the analysis titled “Doing More With More Memory” company showed benefits of having 8GB over 4GB of RAM.

RV870 is 1.6 times faster than RV770

We've heard that ATI's soon to lunch DirectX 11 performance card, something that we know as RV870 and something that AMD calls Evergreen, should be roughly 1.6 times faster than the RV770 chip.

RV770 is the chip behind ATI's Radeon HD 4870 card and it showed quite good performance, so this 1.6 times performance increase can give you a general idea that the new chip should be quite fast.

Of course 1.6 times is the best case scenario and it should be less than that in some cases, but overall this 40nm chip should be a good step forward for ATI.

Me Ranting (Casio EX-Z60 Camera Battery)

The Casio EX-Z60 Camera battery continues to fail. The camera itself is not bad, but once the battery is discharged or runs low it can't be changed again. Obviously these batteries are defective. Please post if you are having the same issue. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

UPDATE: I called Casio about this battery issue and they informed me that the older defective batteries have now been replaced. According to them the new batteries will not fail. I'll let everyone know.

Liquid-cooled GTX 295 zooms by

WE’RE QUITE overwhelmed with BFG’s GeForce GTX 295 H20C LE. The liquid-cooled card comes with a 99MHz / 216MHz / 214MHz core, shader and memory overclocks, respectively, and delivers pretty much the ultimate graphics performance of this generation of cards. Noisy, pricey and powerful – it’s an American muscle card. Anandtech takes a look at Asus’ new Eee PC 1005HA. It’s an improvement over previous models, but the anemic Atom processor still slows things down a bit. Think Computers takes on another netbook, the Lenovo Ideapad S10-2.

A History of the Shrinking Game Console

After Sony's announcement of the PS3 Slim earlier this week, CNet took a look back at size-reducing hardware revisions over the past couple decades in console design, noting that they're gradually arriving sooner and sooner after the initial release. "Does that mean it'll creep even lower, into two-year or even yearly cycles between major revisions? Quite possibly, yes. It's worked very well with handheld gaming devices, and even some consumer electronics devices like iPods.

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