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ASUS P7P55 WS SuperComputer Motherboard

SUS, the leading provider of innovative motherboard solutions, today unveiled the ASUS P7P55 WS SuperComputer motherboard. Built around the Intel® P55 Express chipset, it features the new LGA1156 socket for next-generation Intel® Core i5 processors and DDR3-2133 (O.C.) memory for outstanding yet cost-effective performance. To enable multiple-GPU rendering, the motherboard supports both 3-way and 2-way graphics card configurations based on SLI or CrossFireX technology.

Core i5-750 and Core i7-870 Processors Review

Intel is launching a new CPU socket called LGA1156 with a new chipset, P55. The first three CPUs based on this new platform will be Core i5-750 (2.66 GHz), Core i7-860 (2.80 GHz) and Core i7-870 (2.93 GHz), all based on the new "Lynnfield" core. We had the pleasure to receive a Core i5-750 and a Core i7-870 sample from Intel before their launch, so let's take a look on their performance compared to other CPUs from Intel.

Intel Core i5-750 , I7 870 and P55 Review

Today Intel are releasing CPUs based on the Nehalem architecture but with prices and specifications designed to appeal to mainstream consumers. Today we will be putting two of these models through their paces and comparing them to existing i7 CPUs as well as AMDs top Phenom 2 model and the best Core 2 CPU. In addition to that we will cover various memory configurations and throw a handful of the more interesting P55 based motherboards into the mix with two aftermarket coolers.

Coverage on the new Intel i7 870 & i5 750 CPUs

We've been hearing a lot about the new Core i5/i7 CPU's, and generally we like to reserve our opinion until the test results are in. We've benched the Core i5 750 and Core i7 870 extensively. We've added a bevvy of tests to our benchmarking routine and Core i5/i7 LGA 1156 is looking pretty good.

Intel Core i5 750 Review

The introduction of the Core i7 range of processors late last year was the beginning of the Nehalem family. The processors have had a mixed reception and it is fair to say that although the new series has been impressive performance wise, the pricing was and still is too much for many users. After all, the LGA1366 socket requires not only the processor but also an X58 motherboard and triple channel DDR3 memory.

MSI N275GTX Lightning breaks 3DMark Vantage world records

During MSI-sponsored MOA 2009 overclocking event, 10 teams used MSI N275GTX Lightning graphics card and Eclipse mainboard to achieve higher 3DMark Vantage P score than current P16923 world record of the flagship GeForce GTX 285. George Pavlidis and Stelaras from Greece even achieved an outstanding P18763 score, making the MSI N275GTX Lightning the fastest single-GPU graphics card in the world!

After the competition, when things quieted down, all of the contestants gave the N275GTX Lightning a great rating - especially the power supply design, thermal design, Military Class components, and overclocking capabilities. The contestants were able to run all the N275GTX Lightning at a stable -100°C and over 1GHz - the kind of performance usually only achieved by one in ten thousand cards!

Unlaunched Atom-smasher shows up in Samsung X series laptops

Samsung announced its new X series of laptops this morning, and the company let a detail slip about the X120 portable that's less trivial than it may initially sound: the thin portable eschews Intel's netbook-oriented Atom line in favor of a new ultra-low-voltage (ULV) processor from Intel. The SU4100 ULV processor and its siblings will formally launch later this month and have been getting press recently under the internal Intel acronym CULV (for consumer ULV).

Nvidia's new driver with Geforce 300

New driver, new GPUs The new driver that popped up on Microsoft Update brings some new strings as well and as far as we know, this is the first time that Nvidia's Geforce 300 series is mentioned in drivers. The new strings contain eight new strings with, what appears to be, one desktop and seven different mobile GPUs. The desktop part is listed in NV_WHQL.inf as Geforce 310.

GPU memory error correction lagging

Customers are apparently shouting at graphics chip makers to do more about correcting memory systems.

One of the downsides of the current generation of GPUs is a lack of error correction which causes problems for high performance users. According to HPC Wire, Graphics chip vendors are aware of the problem and it appears to be only a matter of time before GPUs get a memory makeover.

D-Link trying to resolve DGL-4500 issues

DGL-4500 Tester from San Diego to Los Angeles. We're looking for anyone that is experiencing the 3-4 day lock up, WAN slow down and poor wireless connections on their DGL-4500.

What we want to do is send out an Engineer to your location for about half a day to run some tests in your environment. We will also give you an extra router to comp you.

Remember we're only looking for users located within San Diego to Los Angeles.

Once we find what we need this thread will be closed and removed!

Thank You,

Ru-Fi-Oh, Technical Engineer

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