Google is sending its robots to Foxconn

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Posted: 2 years 36 weeks ago

"Google’s former head of Android Andy Rubin is said to have met with Foxconn CEO Terry Gou to “speed up deployment” of Google’s robotics technologies at Foxconn’s factories. It is also believed that in the long run, Foxconn will assist Google in integrating a technology company that Google is acquiring.

Google bought a total of eight robotic firms last year, with Boston Dynamics amongst the acquisitions. Rubin is heading the robotics initiative at Google, where one of his goals is to automate manufacturing tasks like electronics assembly. Another goal for the robotics team at Google is to “compete with companies like Amazon in retailing.”



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Nasa wants to mine the moon with Cyborg parts, Google is taking over with AI and Robots... The future is looking rather questionable indeed.

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