As part of budget deal, Congress blocks light bulb efficiency standards

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Posted: 2 years 40 weeks ago

"Unfortunately, efficiency for small items is one case where the free market doesn't typically work. Individually, light bulbs draw very little power, and replacing one won't make any notable difference in a consumer's monthly bills. In addition, the replacement bulbs are more expensive up front and take years to pay off. As a result, there's unlikely to be rapid adoption of more efficient technology, leading to an extended period of wasted energy. By repealing the standards, Congress has ensured that the waste will go on even longer."



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2 steps forward, 1 step back!

Rodney Reynolds,

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Government finally got the idea.. (light-bulb)

I agree that there should not be a law to ban the old lights. This should be something consumers would want to save on energy, not forced. However I'm glad they put a scare into folks because now new and better LED lights are slowly becoming cheaper and better. On the flip-side I recall when some towns switched over their street lights to LED, then they had new issues with bad winter weather and the LED bulbs didn't melt the ice.

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