Deathmatch: PS4s See "Blue Light of Death", Xbox Ones Chew up Discs

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Posted: 2 years 47 weeks ago

"Sony is the first OEM to respond, claims only 1 percent of consoles experience defects." "The $399 USD PS4 launched last Friday and almost instantly reports of broken consoles started popping up.  Sony, to its credit, responded relatively quickly, saying that some consoles had shipped broken and it would be working with customers to replace these models. Chinese language nternet posters claiming to be employees of Hon Hai Precision Industry Comp. Ltd. (TPE:2317) subsidiary Foxconn -- the Chinese firm responsible for assembling the PS4 -- posted in forums that they were disgruntled with working conditions and had purposefully sabotaged PS4s." "Microsoft Fresh Ground Discs." "But lest you think Microsoft was going to storm in and capture the day, its $499 USD Xbox One console launched today (priced at $100 USD more than the PS4) and already reports of problems are pouring in.  Of 619 reviews on Amazon 206 of them (~33 percent) are 1 stars, while 340 of them (~55 percent) are 5 stars.  In other words, so far a higher percent of users are claiming to have defective Xbox One consoles than defective PlayStation 4s -- on Amazon, at least. The leading problem appears to be the "The Disc Grinding Noise of Death", which is reportedly ruining/chewing up game discs.  The noise certainly sounds rather epically bad." -Read More and Watch Videos Here!



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Only more reason to become a part of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race. ;)

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Might not be such a happy holidays if you are that 1%. :/

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