New Device Gives Addicted Facebook Users an Electric Shock

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Posted: 3 years 8 weeks ago

"If you think you spend too much time on Facebook, this might interest you: Robert R. Morris and Dan McDuff, a pair of MIT Ph.D candidates, have developed an aversion therapy system that administers unpleasant shocks whenever internet browsers try to visit Facebook. According to TechCrunch, the two had found they were spending a combined 50 hours per week on the social media website. The shock system was designed to steer them away from Facebook and toward more productive activities – like studying to complete their Ph.D programs, perhaps..."



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Yea, some people spending why to much time posting nonsense on Facebook. Not sure I ca talk though, as I've been know to do it ;) Although, I'm not on there every min of every day.

Rodney Reynolds,

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You know what also works and has been around for many years.. cattle prods. lol

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