$499 price tag for Xbox Next

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Posted: 3 years 25 weeks ago

"Xbox Next isn’t going to be cheap, as we have been telling you for some time now. When it arrives on dealer shelves in November, sources tell us that it is going to carry a $499 price tag. Don’t expect the PlayStation 4 to be that much cheaper, if at all.

Those looking to save some scratch might be enticed into buying the console for $299 with a $10 monthly subscription to Xbox Live priced at $10 per month. Sure, it looks like you are saving some money, but with the $10 subscription lasting 24 months that is another $240, which makes the end price $40 more than just buying the console outright for $499..."



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Not a bad deal at all, but I'm not a console player :/

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The launch price of the PS3 in 2006 was 600 bucks. I guess this thing would be considered a good deal in comparison, but a monthly Live subscription is going to be killer lol