Kid gamers have the least luck when buying age-inappropriate products

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Posted: 3 years 30 weeks ago

"R-rated movies, M-rated games, CDs with Parental Advisory labels—all just for show, right? Well, the latest Federal Trade Commission study on the matter begs to differ. For three months in 2012, the FTC used mystery shoppers between the ages of 13 and 16-years-old (unaccompanied by a parent, mind you) to test how difficult it was to purchase a variety of entertainment products not suitable for children. Out of R-rated movie tickets, R-rated DVDs, unrated DVDs that were R-rated when in theaters, Parental Advisory CDs, and M-rated games, young gamers met the most resistance. Only 13 percent of those in the study were able to successfully purchase an M-rated game..."



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So much easier for kids to bypass this now by getting this kind of media online.