Piston Steam Box coming holidays 2013

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Posted: 3 years 32 weeks ago

"The Piston from Xi3, which has become known as the first “Steambox,” is now taking pre-orders for the Piston for delivery this holiday season. (The exact shipping date isn’t yet known.) The price is currently $899 for the base unit till March 17th when it will rise to $999.

The base Piston unit comes with 128GB of Solid State disk, but you can upgrade to a 256GB version for $340 or 512GB for a whopping $750 extra. The Piston will come with 8GB of RAM and a 3.2GHz AMD quad-core processor. It will use Radeon 7000 series graphics and support up to 3 monitors and, of course, it will run Linux and use Steam..."



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They need to cut the price in half in order to make it competitive for the console market.

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Looks very cool, but not many are gonna spend 1g! That will drop in price soon enough though.

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$999, might as well buy a PC.

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