Intel’s profit down 27% as PC market falters

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Posted: 3 years 39 weeks ago

"Need more proof that the PC market is in trouble? Bellwether Intel has posted some rather lackluster results, disappointing investors, but still managing to beat analyst forecasts. In Q4 Intel saw its profit fall 27 percent, while revenues fell 3 percent, from $13.5 billion, down from $13.9 billion. The weak PC market is to blame for the weak results and analysts estimate PC shipments declined 3.5 percent in 2012..."



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Poor Intel, booo hooo.. they didn't make as many millions/billions as they predicted. Maybe they will have to let a few people go now to make the share holders happy... On 2nd thought, why should we care?

Intel made revenues of 13.5 Billion, I'd hardly call this an indication of bad things to come. If anyone has been making money during an economic depression it would surely be Intel. Other businesses in the world are just trying to stay above water without drowning. We can't just upgrade every personal computer and server for marginal improvements on a "Tock" cycle. Intel's i7's have been great for a lot of people, but I've managed to avoid upgrading to i7's, mostly from the lack of funds. Maybe with the next "Tick" cycle the improvements in speed will be too great for me to pass on, but until that happens, count your blessing Intel that I didn't buy a much cheaper AMD.

P.S. I don't think we'll see mainstream desktop CPUs going away any time soon. If there is software that people want to run, they will upgrade when the money or credit is available.

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Looks like Intel's money-making space of the future is devoted to mobile computing.

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Yea, the PC industry is tanking :(

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