Valve Confirms Linux-based Steam Box

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Posted: 3 years 41 weeks ago

"Gabe Newell's already expressed his less-than-positive sentiments on the Windows 8 ecosystem. So it's really not much of a surprise that the Steam Box, Valve's own take on the game console, is going to be Linux-based.

According to Valve electronics engineer Ben Krasnow, who hosted a talk at a conference in December, Valve's got quite a few things to reveal in the coming years. Besides confirming the existence of the Steam Box and that it's going to be based on Linux—making it a lot more clear as to why Valve's taken such an interest in Linux recently, such as porting Steam to Ubuntu..."



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If the pricing on this is competitive enough to rival the major consoles, Valve is going to take away another huge chunk of the gaming market.

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Cool. If there was only more Linux games supported.

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