Women more likely to become internet addicts

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Posted: 4 years 7 weeks ago

"A recent study published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine, which we get for the lovely penmanship and nothing else, has revealed that women are more likely to get hooked on the internet.

The study found evidence of a new genetic variant which makes people less likely to stay away from their computers and the link tends to occur in women a bit more frequently than in men. The same variation is found in persons with other forms of addiction, including nicotine addiction, loneliness and depression.

The survey covered 800 people and focused on 132 individuals who were deemed the most hooked to the internet. Many of them had the same genetic variation, also linked to nicotine addiction..."



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Men are reading the news? You mean men are watching porn ;)

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Apparently men do not outnumber women by a significant margin online. Men and Women just use the Internet differently. Gender stereotypes are prevalent in what we do with our time online. As men we are reading the news, but most women are probably reading about other stuff like health information, spiritual and religious information or participating in one of those support group websites.

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I thought there were no womenz on the Internetz? :P