Modder fixes Dark Souls' PC resolution problem minutes after release

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Posted: 4 years 8 weeks ago

"That's where NeoGAF forum user Durante comes in. Mere minutes after the PC edition of the game was made available today, Durante had posted a downloadable DLL file that allows for higher internal resolutions by intercepting and altering the game's DirectX 9 API calls. The effect is immediately apparent, as you can tell from a quick glance at before and after shots of the mod in action...  A PC release wasn't always in the cards for Dark Souls, which became a cult classic on the PS3 and Xbox 360 after its release late last year, but From Software was convinced to bring the game over after an online petition for a PC port attracted over 90,000 signatures. Still, the Japanese developer admitted during development that its lack of experience coding for the PC environment created a lot of unexpected technical challenges..." | Read More



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Dark Souls is one of those challenging and trollish RPG adventure games. There is a clear reason why this release is called, "Prepare to Die Edition". Let's just hope people actually buy this game and support the future of PC Games.

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